Baked Havarti for the Holidays…and a few shenanigans

Prev published on December 27, 2011.
Baked-Havarti Baked Havarti for the Holidays…and a few shenanigans

“Mom, for New Year’s Eve can you make that stuff that’s really good? You know, that stuff with the cheese? You put the cheese in the dough with some other stuff and then stick it in the oven. When it comes out, the cheese is melted and everybody’s happy. Well, except for that one time when Jay purposely farted on Will and a wrestling match broke out in the kitchen and they knocked the cheese on the floor. You and dad got really mad and sent everybody to their rooms.” Anna-12

If you’re looking to make some people happy this New Year’s Eve, I recommend making the following. It’s a guaranteed crowd favorite and even the biggest Dummy of the Year can make it with ease. Please keep the wrestling to a minimum, unless you plan on eating it off the kitchen floor and enjoy spending time alone in your room.

31 comments on “Baked Havarti for the Holidays…and a few shenanigans”

  1. Scholar Mel Reply

    Honey Dijon Mustard!? I didn’t look closely enough. I’ll try that next time. D’oh!

    Fruit preserves. That sounds wonderful! :-)

  2. Young American Wisdom Reply

    @Scholar Mel

    Oh no! The mustard should have been sweet not spicy. Did you get a honey dijon mustard? And yes, the cheese should have gotten melty.

    Next time substitute the Havarti for Brie and the mustard for apricot (or some other fruit) preserves. You might have better luck.

    My cousin just moved back to the states after being in Germany for 3 years. She is thankful for her american washing machine, dryer and oven. I think the fist thing she did was bake a cake.

  3. Scholar Mel Reply

    We used pizza dough and the mustard was too strong. It burnt my nose hairs off.

    We also cooked it in our German oven. It turned out okay but it had nothing to do with your recipe.

    Every American recipe is an experiment in a different country.

    I actually think it would have been pretty goof if we would have used a milder mustard.

    Question: Is your cheese completely melty after it bakes?

    PS: My wife’s American chocolate cake took her 5 tries before it worked here in Germany!

  4. Scholar Mel Reply

    Nancy @youthfulwisdom, We just got the Harvarti cheese out and are starting to think one of the boys didn’t fart. I think the cheese is to blame.

    We are baking it right now. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  5. Miss R Reply

    Oh dear god this looks Fabulous. No money till the 3rd… but oh it is ON then. Thank you Scholar for the easy-yet-nommy recipe
    ~Drooling in Reno

  6. SpilledInkGuy Reply

    I’ll admit it… I’m not too proud to take down a piece of floor cheese.
    Or two.
    And check this move out…
    just give me a minute to climb to the top rope…

  7. Irene Reply

    Ok, I was wrong. There would be a TON of rootin’ and tootin’ in my house after eating that! My family loves cheese! But I’d have to serve this in the summer when I can have the windows open!

  8. Binky Reply

    Can we substitute chocolate for the cheese? And whipped cream for the mustard? And waffles for the crescent rolls?

    • Young American Wisdom Reply

      Yes, yes and yes! I think you’ve just created the world’s most perfect dessert. I didn’t know wombats could cook. I think your up for the next guest post.

      • Binky

        We can cook important things, like desert, but most of us prefer eating.

  9. Bearman Reply

    I am not making this recipe until someone else does and tries it. Then brings me some to my house so I can try it. Then maybe I’ll make it. haha

  10. Lenore Reply

    Mel, thank you for allowing Nancy share this awesome sounding recipe with us. A simple recipe like this one gives me hope, as I am severely challenged in the kitchen. Nice job, Nancy!

  11. Scholar Mel Reply

    Thank you very much for being my very first guest poster! :-)

    This looks tasty. I will try to keep the wrestling to a minimum.

    Everybody had to go to their rooms? Poor Anna. :-(

    • Young American Wisdom Reply

      Scholar Mel, thank you so much for asking me to guest post. I’m a huge fan of Dummies of the Year and jumped at the chance to ride your coattails. I hope your followers will become hungry for Havarti!

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