Complete List Of Rocky Movies with Trailers

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  2. Binky

    I really liked Rocky I, especially the ending. It’s a classic that’s hard to beat (up!).

    • Mel

      Adrian: I love you
      Rocky: I love you
      Adrian: I love you
      Rocky: I love you
      Adrian: I love you
      Rocky: I love you

      So on and so forth…

  3. George

    I remember the excitement of going with my parents to the theater to see Rocky III. Immediately after, I came home and drew this humongous picture of Rocky knocking the teeth outta Mr. T. I think I was around 9 or 10 then. My mom still has that artwork somewhere. :)

    • Mel

      At least you put your motivation to good use. Once I watched a Mike Tyson match with my buddies. Immediately after, we went outside, put on some crappy boxing gloves and punched each other in the head.

      My boxing coach wasn’t amused. I am still not sure how he found out.

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    Yo! I can admit it… I do like Rocky I quite a bit.
    After that, though… uh… yeah…
    (although in complete fairness I haven’t even seen a few of the sequels.)

    • Mel

      You have to watch all 4 of them in order. Rocky 4 should have been the last one. If you only watch one more make it Rocky 4!

  5. Duncanr

    P.S. my favourite Rocky film hasn’t been made yet. I wrote the screen-play myself. It’s a gripping tale of a has-been actor boxer, down on his luck, who hopes the purse-money from one last fight against the new World Champion will clear his debts, stop his woman from running off with his best friend, and save his dawg from a one-way visit to the vet.. The film opens with the two men shaking hands in the ring and ends 5 minutes later with a brain-dead Rocky counted out on the canvas.

    Strangely, the studio rejected my screenplay. Personally, I think they were extremely short-sighted. I’m sure that after watching my epic 5 minute film, audiences will be on their feet screaming for ‘more’ !!!

    • Mel

      Screaming for more of what? The boxer hopping on top of Rocky and beating is corpse?

      Hey, I think I found a picture of Rocky from your movie. Go here: Duncanr’s Dead Rocky Short

  6. Duncanr

    Not being a fan of the monosyllabic grunt delivered in an irritatingly flat monotonous tone of voice school of acting, I have never watched a Rocky movie for longer than the time it took me to wrestle the remote out of No1 son’s hands – a task that became increasingly more difficult as he surpassed me in height and weight (thanks to Burger King and McDonalds).

    Fortunately, I fight dirty !!! :lol:

    • Mel

      See how you talk after being hit in the head 8,493,841 times! :-)

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