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Conan O’Brien Sorta Looks Like Finnish President Tarja Halonen

Conan OBrien Sorta Looks Like Finnish President Tarja Halonen


  1. HAHAHA!! Maybe the are the same person!

  2. Gyahahahahaha! This blog post was simple, but I laughed hard at the pictures above :)

  3. Dag, they do look very similar. :)

  4. I think maybe Conan OBrien IS Finnish President Tarja Halonen.

  5. They do look similar. I would need to hear her tell a joke or see him lead Finland to really make an accurate judgment of whether they were the same person.

  6. Hahaha… are you a member of Team Tartar, Mel?!

  7. John Erickson

    I don’t know, I think she’s kinda hot in that Maggie Thatcher kind of way….

  8. He does look like her. In drag. But I’m not sure if he’s in drag or she’s in drag. Is it that he looks like a woman or she looks like a man. I can barely tell them apart

  9. Recycling old blog posts – what a great idea !

    (wish I’d thought of it first)

    Most of the drivel I put up in Madhatters takes all of 5-10 minutes to dash off – without much thought (often spend longer trying to come up with a clever title than I do on the post itself).

    Yet occasionally I’ll take the time to compose something properly – doing background reading, planning the structure of the post, presenting the arguments in a logical manner, spending time to select just the right words to convey the meaning I intend, searching for just the right graphic to illustrate the post, only to find I get a dozen or more comments on something I spent 10 minutes on and no friggin comments on a post I spent 1/2 a day preparing. Ggrrrr – bloody readers !!!

    • From what I have seen most people don’t want to read a ton. They want to read something that is super quick.

      People don’t read blogs, they skim blogs.

      I know how you feel Duncanr. I have taken the time to write blog posts that I feel like I should have made money on.

      What do I get in return for all of that hard work? No comments and no money :-(

      Golden Rule of blogging: People love cotten candy :-)


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