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From time to time there are some really scary trailers played on television in between my favorite sitcoms.  Most of the time I have to look away or close my eyes.

Yeah I know, I’m a grown man and I am a chicken.  Unfortunately I am prone to really bad nightmares if I watch demonic type movies.

Have any of you seen the trailers for the new Jason movie?  When this trailer came on the other day I watched the whole commercial without turning away.

Friday The 13th movies are just not that scary anymore but obviously Jason must have a cult like following in order for this movie to keep reappearing every few years.

Complete List Of Friday The 13th Movies

  1. Friday The 13th – 1980
  2. Friday The 13th Part Two – 1981
  3. Friday The 13th Part III – 1982
  4. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (yea, right!) – 1984
  5. Friday The 13th: A New Beginning – 1985
  6. Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI -1986
  7. Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood -1988
  8. Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan – 1989
  9. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (yea, right! again) – 1993
  10. Jason X – 2001
  11. Freddy vs. Jason -2003
  12. Friday The 13th (wait, didn’t they already use this title?) -2009

Best Friday The 13th

What is the best Friday The 13th Movie ever?  Which franchise movie do you wish Hollywood would make more of?

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  1. I think we need more Jaws movies. It’s just not right teenagers thinking they can have sex all the time. We need that great white shark to teach them a lesson.

  2. Good job Unknown

  3. slow hits today and yesterday. But I put up some of my better stuff and kept a couple of promises.

  4. Thank you… and good to see you around this weekend. I kind of had a slow weekend has far as hits went. I checked you guys out when I had time. You look like your doing fairly well over there. Keep up the good work. I’ll be by soon.

  5. But Batman plays in the next one 😉

    At least they hired an actor I have heard of, actually everyone has heard quite a bit of Christian Bale lately.

  6. Tater, I’ve been looking for you on facebook.

    I am in the process of answering a really weighty response from Ken, in my blog right now. facebook is open though

  7. Please could someone tell the producers of the Alien Vs Predator franchise we’ve had enough!? Oh, and the same could be said for Terminator movies… the first two were sublime, but the most recent have been crap. Let it lie in peace!! 😛

  8. Thanks Jussi for adding your wish list. I haven’t seen much of Stargate but I will go ahead and agree with you.

    I think there needs to be a cross over movie. Star Trek Next Generation crossover with Jason X. Jason loose on the Enterprise!

  9. I say the Stargate franchise deserves more movies, more episodes and more shows. And being a Freddy Krueger fan I think Freddy vs Jason was the best of the Jason movies, though I have few movies I haven’t seen, Jason X also kicked ass.

  10. Jason Voorhees

    …. Jason goes to hell has the best mask. i like how its cutting into his face and how his head is bumpy. the one where he fights the psycich has best costume cuz it has chains. so if u combine those 2 plus an awsome story. its all Gold!

  11. AJ

    I think they should do Phatasm since the end of the last two didn’t make a lot of sense. Plus the last one set the way for at least one more.

    • Thanks for commenting AJ. I haven’t heard of Phatasm.
      .-= Mel Ancholy´s last blog ..Famous Interviews (12) Betty White =-.

  12. Evan Evergreen

    yeah the newest jason (2009) was terrible… Jason isnt suppose to use a bow and arrow, or drive boats… WTF was up with all of that?

  13. sissy

    I would like to see more movies like house of a 1000 corpses and devils rejectS. More rob zombie pleeeeaaase!!! The first time I seen the trailer I was hooked then the movie diddnt come out till years later. But that was ok because it did eventually come out.;)

    • Christine

      I have to agree with you there Sissy. It takes more then what most horror movies in this day and age are capable of providing to get me scared. Robs movies are so gritty and real feeling, they take all of your worst fears and turn them into reality.. its terrifying! I love the acting, especially by his wife. She is awesome in his movies! All of the maniac killers in Rob Zombies movies are so raw and trashy, and at first glance, seemingly brain dead that I actually felt a twinge of bad for their victims. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

  14. sissy

    Yeah someone agrees! I think the lore from 1000 corpses is the ‘family’ aspect. When the movies where comming out I was on a farm in the boonies of oregon so they hit me hard and scared me silly! I loved it. Another franchise would be chainsaw massacure I would always love to see another leatherface or that ‘family’ come back from the woodwork. Would be KILLER if rob zombie directed a chainsaw movie I would be first in line to get my ticket. But I geuss he already has a ‘family’and they were taken out in the second movie:( I just looved that funny clown. His gas staition ans fried chicken are something ill never forget. I loved that the store had a seriel murder ride. I had just finished a book about albert fish and he was part of the ride! What a STRANGE fellow he was. Holloween coming again and I see no new ‘family’ movies on the horizon and it just makes me sad. Actually it makes me mad and want to write my own. I started watching horror movies on beta as a kid then vcr then dvd and always the books inbetween. I don’t know why I have a pull toward the ‘unusual’ and down right sick things in life I just think its diffrent. I wouldn’t be upset if murders stoped killing I just think life would be less intresting and creative. Wow that’s contraversal! Plz don’t hate! And I would love to meet rob zombie one day, I might scare him! 😉

  15. Mary

    Well there’s 12 of them!! Might as well do one more!!!

  16. Ryan

    I told my friend ther were12 he said there were only 11 I love Friday the 13th movies even know there not scary
    Im watching a marathon on ANC I think that number 2 is the best of them all because the ending and there’s a really good story and stuff my favorite part is when they try to kill Jason Friday the 13th movies rock!!!!!!!!!:)

  17. Ryan

    If they make 12 of the Friday the 13th movies I wonder how many more they are going to make I’m watching Friday the 13th the new blood awesome. Wtf if he is invincible why to people in the movie try to kill him nothing makes scence what is up with that in number 5 if tommy gets stabbed and they kill the killer how and why would he stab himself whel anyways bye:)

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Complete List Of Friday The 13th Movies


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