Google Valentine’s Day Logo 2012 Supports Gay Marriage

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Google believes that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by everybody who is in love.  There is a buzz on the interwebs today that Google is supporting Gay marriage.

Look at the photo above and you will see two men holding hands. When I see this photo I don’t think gay marriage. I see the ultimate duo hosting the Oscars!

Conan O’Brien and George Lopez!

I may be right or I may be wrong about my assumption.

Google Supports Intereverything Marriage

  • Astronaut and Alien Squid
  • Princess and Frog
  • Dog and Cat
  • Nerd and dark skinned person (trying to stay politically correct and failing miserably)
  • Cookie and Milk (my favorite)

What do you think is the best combo on this love felt day?

please click NEXT but you are FREE to choose

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