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Kohl’s Sells Lies


I went into Kohl’s last week and found a pair of shoes that I really wanted.  They were 61 dollars.

I heard about a store wide sale that they have on Saturday.  I asked about it:

Scholar Mel: I heard you have a sale on Saturday. Could you please explain it to me?

Kohl’s Sales Clerk: On Saturday you can save 15 to 40% off of every item in the store.

I thought to myself, “Even if I save 15% off the shoes, I will save on the tax.

I returned on Saturday and went to grab my size.  One pair left.  Wait, what’s this!?  The shoes were now 64 dollars.  Ugh! 😡

Oh well, I’ll at least get 15% off.  The shoes rang up to about 67 dollars, something like that.

What?  Wait!  Why didn’t I save any money?

Because there wasn’t really a sale.

The clerk informed me that the shoes were originally 90 dollars.

Why Does Kohl’s Lie about Sales?

Certain people love a good sale.  There is nothing wrong with being frugal.  The problem is when a company takes advantage of that.

Walk through Kohl’s and you will see that just about every item in the store has been marked down.

Everything is always on sale!

If everything is always on sale, then this means that nothing is ever on sale.

I believe that Kohl’s is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

I like Kohl’s merchandise but I hate their tactics.

Kohl’s, please stop with the fake sales.


  1. There’s nothing scammier than Kohl’s website. They consistently show regular prices that are 200-300 percent higher than any retail in the history of the item every charged any customer on any planet. The sale price is never a sale, never a discount, never, ever. Buyer beware. Even if you add in the Kohl’s cash, it’s still a scam of the highest order. I challenge you to take a look, at let’s say, an appliance (not the same scam in clothing). Look at the sale price, compare it to the “regular” price. Then surf the net for the very same item. You’ll quickly see at least four other retailers who have always sold that item for less, often far, far less than Kohl’s supposed sale price. I mean, give me a friggin break already. A toaster that has a regular price of 400 bucks? Never. And kohl’s calls themselves a mid-level retailer and a discount retailer? Only in their twisted heads. For 400 bills, that toaster ought to get the ingredients from storage, toast the whatever to perfect, offer whatever condimentgs I have in the fridge, deliver it to me, clean up everything afterwards, and all this from the comfort of my bed.

  2. Something similar usually happens to me when I buy art supplies.
    I often have coupons, but the stuff I always purchase is perpetually ‘on sale’. Oh well. Once I’m in the door, right?!

    • I worked at a store where some items were “always on sale.” The state law was that the product had to be sold at the “regular” price at least once a month. I go to a number of places and compare prices.

  3. Wow only a 10 day timeout. Nice. I went into a store and they were advertising a sale. I asked why none of the men’s clothes were on sale. They said, it wasn’t included in the sale.

  4. A similar thing happened to me lately. You could get 40% off any one item in the store, but only if it wasn’t on sale. So what I wanted was maybe 20% off, but they wouldn’t give me the 40% off the Regular price.

    • I think you just describe my situation except it wasn’t really on sale.

    • That’s Michael’s arts and crafts mantra. They perpetually hand out coupons for percents off anything regularly priced, but there isn’t one item in the store that doesn’t have a sale sticker on it.

  5. Just use Kohls to try on the shoes then go shopping online. Way cheaper, plus you know they fit !!!!

  6. Man, that irritates me to no end also. I can’t stand when the sale is already built-in. The fun part is when I deduct the savings for myself not when they do it for me.

    Sadly, Kohl’s isn’t the only place that does it. Seemingly, all the dept. stores are now following this technique.

  7. Dirty tactics indeed Mel. Disappointing when you think you’re gunna save a few bucks then don’t. I could send Spike & Mario around to Kols to sort ’em out. Once they get outta prison that is…
    P.S. I’m back on self hosted again, just click my name

    • Look over to the right. You are second from the top for top comments.

      I bet you have probably beaten Binky if I combined all your different sites 😉

      Make sure you send Spike and Mario to Kohl’s and not Kols. The people at Kols sure would be confused. 😉


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