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What Steroids Does Sylvester Stallone Take

Sylvester Stallone Doesn’t Use Roids

I researched and I couldn’t find anything but hearsay about Stallone and steroid use.  When accused of steroid use Stallone claims to use Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Who normally uses HGH?  This is what Wikipedia had to say,

In recent years in the United States, some doctors have started to prescribe growth hormone in GH-deficient older patients (but not on healthy people) to increase vitality.

Considering Stallone is 64, maybe he does need to use HGH. Here are his before and after pictures of using HGH, obviously a few decades apart. Stallone HGH

He doesn’t look too bad for a man in his 60’s but…


  1. he is 66 his face would look shit without hgh

  2. Juanan'z Núñez

    His face looks distorted not because of HGH, but because of botox, of which he has openly admitted to be a user…

  3. oh course he did AAS and maybe still does. For someone at his age HGH is better for his body however a dose of testosterone around 200mg per month could be a factor onwhy he looks great. AAS isn't as safe for his as it was in the 70, 80 90, 00.

  4. stallone used steroids in the 80s as well. so your before and after pictures mean nothing besides 30 years of age. do a little more research before posting an article you idiot

  5. “people should not write based on opinions but rather on facts”

    Unless those people write on a blog that is about satire. 😉

  6. SLY looks amazing,and I dont see any bad on his face,your face is changing IDIOTS,and to plastic surgery,SLY was born with paralyse on his left side of his face,do you really think,he would be risk any plastic surgery,why you actually believing these craps of him

    • I know about his birth defect. Growth Hormone causes every part of one’s body to grow bigger. His face is way bigger than it was in his 50’s.

  7. That’s what his body looks like at 64???

    In Hollywood, they probably don’t even notice his face. Aging naturally isn’t in their vocabulary.

    • Picture to the right his him at 64 One to the left is probably 35 or so.

      Hmm… I wonder what he will look like at 94?

      You made a good point about Hollywood.

  8. Yeah…I assumed it was bad plastic surgery.

  9. The face distortion could be from a bad batch of botox or something. I am getting on in age, but am in the best physical shape in my life because I am now working out.
    Sly was pretty old when he got his first tattoos.


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