10 Lies Teenagers Believe

teenagersWe were all teenagers once, unless of course you haven’t went through that stage yet.  If that is the case then please visit Club Penguin.

The following are all the stupid things we believed when we were young.

Top Ten Lies

  1. Life will be easier when I am an adult.
  2. When I get married I will have sex every day!
  3. When I get married and have this sex every day, my wife will enjoy it every time!
  4. Pecks today, Pecks forever.
  5. My girlfriend won’t get pregnant if we have sex.
  6. God listens to my prayers right before I take the test I didn’t study for.
  7. My parents don’t know as much as I do!
  8. I can’t make up my mind if I should pursue a career in the NFL or the NBA.
  9. I will always have these golden locks.
  10. Texting while driving 80mph is just fine.  Seriously, quit worrying about me.  I’ll be fine.

What is one lie you believed when you were a teenager?  Share in the comments.

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