Brett Favre Turns Down the Rams, They Should Sign Tim Tebow

St. Louis Rams sign Tim Tebow


Brett FavreThe Rams organization lost their starting quarterback, Sam Bradford, for the season last Sunday.

The Rams will face hot Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football and they seem to be scurrying to find a starting quarterback.

They asked 44-year-old Brett Favre but he turned them down.  I am a Packer’s fan first but there are players that I enjoy watching.  I would have tuned into every Ram game for the rest of the season if Favre would have signed.

Sign Tim Tebow

Tim TebowTim Tebow is no Brett Favre mainly for the reason Tebow hasn’t been given much of an opportunity to play.

Another issue with Tebow is that he attracts a circus media frenzy!


Probably because you never know what kind of success you’ll get from Tebow but you do know that you will get somebody fired up to play.

Tebow never quits until the time runs off the clock.

He may not win many games but he can be exciting to watch.

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