Complete List Of Rocky Movie Guide

RockyComplete List Of Rocky Movies

Hey Yo!  Adrian!  Rocky is the very best boxing series of all time!  Who can resist the kind-hearted Rocky Balboa and his left hook to the jaw?  I know I can’t.  I love all 5 movies.  Well, six if you count the 5th movie.

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Complete List Of Rocky Movie Trailers 1-3

Rocky versus  Apollo Creed.  Apollo gives Rocky a shot at the title and almost loses!

Rocky versus Apollo Creed… again.  I won’t give the ending away in this one but I will say that it looks very similar to the first Rocky movie.

Rocky versus James “Clubber” Lang (who is played by Mr. T)  I Pity the fool!  Hulk Hogan also makes a guest appearance in this film!

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Complete List Of Rocky Movie Trailers 4-6

Rocky versus Drago.  Drago is the no good, blond headed Russian who uses steroids.  Rocky beats the tar out of Drago, wins the heart of the Russian people, and takes a trip to Berlin to tear down the wall.  Highly entertaining!

Rocky versus Tommy Gun.  Tommy Gun is an up and comer who gets mentored by Rocky.  Rocky neglects artist son but soon realizes that Tommy is a moron and beats the crap out of him in the parking lot of a bar.

Rocky versus Mason ‘The Line’ Dixon.  Seriously!?  The guys name is Mason Dixon?  What were his parents thinking?  Any how, Rocky is 180 years old in this movie and beats the crud out Dixon who is only 10 years old.

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