Couple Travels Around the World Capturing Beautiful Fairytale-esque Images (10 Pics)

Victoria Yore and TJ Drysdale are an American couple who love to travel the world and create the most stunning photos in some of the most beautiful locations!  Below you will see locations such as Iceland, Peru, and even Florida.  Their popular Instagram feed (followmeaway) has 113,000 followers.  You can go there to view more of their amazing work.

#1 Hore Abbey in Ireland


"Is it just us or is running around abandoned structures just way more fun? There is something about being around a building that has stood for hundreds of thousands of years that is exhilarating! It is almost like you can feel the life and loss within the walls!⁣

This is Hore Abbey in Ireland. Hore means grey in Gaelic and that was the color of the habits worn when this Abbey was in operation. It is completely free to visit and much less popular than the nearby Rock Of Cashel!⁣"

#2 Thorsmork in Iceland

"One year ago today we shot our first image with a cape and also visited the majestic Thorsmork in Iceland for the first time!⁣

⁣We wanted moody conditions but Iceland had other ideas and honestly, we weren’t even mad because it allowed us to provide our own unique take on Thorsmork!⁣

⁣We went with a guide and he said this view is usually crowded with backpackers and photographers taking pictures but we had it to ourselves for hours!⁣

⁣It was a pretty magical introduction to Thorsmork and we can’t wait to explore more in the future!"

#3 Viking Church

"We had seen Þjóðveldisbærinn in so many photos we were so excited to finally visit and put our spin on it! It is located about 20 min from Háifoss so you can easily combine both in one trip. ⁣

We googled it and it said it closed at 5pm. We rushed to be there before it closed and dutifully paid out $10 entrance fee. Well, little did we know that Þjóðveldisbærinn is actually a Viking museum! You only have to pay or go during those hours if you want to see the museum and go inside the structures. Otherwise, you can go back at any time for photos!⁣

Either way, we were happy that our money was able to contribute to the upkeep of this lovely little gem and had no problems paying! But for any of you looking to visit, there is no need to be there during opening hours unless you want to go inside and see the museum! ⁣

P.s. this is a Viking church! If you ever wondered what the little building was, now you know!⁣

#4 Iceland

"Confession: We are obsessed with fields. Big fields. Small fields. Epic fields. Most fields have fences so we can just gaze at them and wish we were meandering through them.⁣

But this ultimate field was behind our accommodation in Iceland at @thegarageapartments We have permission to wander it to our heart's content.⁣

We were here for four days and spent around 3.5 hours A DAY!! Out in the back wandering the field. With views like these, how can you blame us?⁣

Anna, the owner of where we stayed, met us as we walked outside on this misty and moody day and said ‘we truly live in Paradise!’ and we couldn’t agree more! ⁣

This isn’t sponsored in any way shape or form but our experience made such a deep impression on us and we always share the locations of our photos so we wanted to tell you about Anna and her field of wonders!" 

#5 Dynjandi, Iceland

"Mighty Dynjandi is truly one of the most epic waterfalls in Iceland! It is located in the Westfjords so it is off the beaten path and a really long drive to get to, but the payoff is so worth it! ⁣

You can view the falls from far away, but it is much cooler to get up close to the base! Instead of a roaring thunder, it is more of a gentle cascade down the rocks. The closer you get the smaller you feel! ⁣

The hike is steep and up hills and steps for about 20 minutes depending on how fast you can hike uphill, but the payoff is totally worth it!⁣

If you visit the Westfjords, we recommend staying 2-3 days because they are so huge and there is so much to see! We visited Dynjandi every day for three days along with the other things we did too!⁣"

#6 Church in Iceland

"Welcome to Iceland’s ONLY completely black church!! It is also Iceland’s only Stave Church and it was gifted to Iceland from Norway to celebrate 1000 years of Christianity being in Iceland (a crazy thought coming from people who live in the USA that is only 243 years old!) ⁣

We first came across the Heimaey Stave Church online and KNEW one day we would conquer our dream of visiting the Westman Islands so we could see it. ⁣

Sure enough, it was our first stop and we visited twice in two days. The second time we were there at 2 am running around in the twilight. It was just incredible. ⁣

It is set right on the harbor of Heimaey in the Westman Islands and is truly stunning with gorgeous views all around. We highly recommend visiting the Westman Islands if you want to go somewhere in Iceland that is new and unique!"⁣

#7 Florida

"Florida is traditionally a pretty flat and boring state. But that opens it up to be a blank canvas for creative photos! We got our start shooting in Florida and it is always the go-to place for creative shoots.⁣⁣Plus, 10/10 Florida always has the best stormy skies which make for incredible photography backdrops!"

#8 Ireland

"It has always surprised us that photographers don’t flock to Ireland like they do to other locations such as Iceland (still a favorite!) or other popular spots.

Ireland is the OG travel spot. The tourism board is actively trying to get more tourists.

IT IS EPIC!!! It has epic nature! It has castle ruins literally everywhere you look. Cliffs! Mountains! Castles! Pubs and cute towns! Hikes!! Breathtaking drives! Lakes!! On the euro so more affordable than other places!!!

Like, what are you waiting for? Ireland is calling and it is FABULOUS!" 

#9 A World With Dragons

"Would you want to live in a world with dragons? We already live in a world with a whole host of other scary and unique critters so dragons would probably blend in just fine! Here is a shot of me discovering evidence that dragons may have once existed in this realm! It is a mystery what has happened to them."

#10 Huacachina, Ica, Peru

"Peru is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world! So much more than Machu Picchu! We want to get into adding more night photography into our work! What do you think? More night skies or do you prefer daylight? We are going to really get amp it up to try something new in our portfolio!"

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