Kohl’s Sells Lies


I went into Kohl’s last week and found a pair of shoes that I really wanted.  They were 61 dollars.

I heard about a store wide sale that they have on Saturday.  I asked about it:

Scholar Mel: I heard you have a sale on Saturday. Could you please explain it to me?

Kohl’s Sales Clerk: On Saturday you can save 15 to 40% off of every item in the store.

I thought to myself, “Even if I save 15% off the shoes, I will save on the tax.

I returned on Saturday and went to grab my size.  One pair left.  Wait, what’s this!?  The shoes were now 64 dollars.  Ugh! 😡

Oh well, I’ll at least get 15% off.  The shoes rang up to about 67 dollars, something like that.

What?  Wait!  Why didn’t I save any money?

Because there wasn’t really a sale.

The clerk informed me that the shoes were originally 90 dollars.

Why Does Kohl’s Lie about Sales?

Certain people love a good sale.  There is nothing wrong with being frugal.  The problem is when a company takes advantage of that.

Walk through Kohl’s and you will see that just about every item in the store has been marked down.

Everything is always on sale!

If everything is always on sale, then this means that nothing is ever on sale.

I believe that Kohl’s is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

I like Kohl’s merchandise but I hate their tactics.

Kohl’s, please stop with the fake sales.

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