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Narcos the Flying English Cocker Spaniel (5 Pics)

Nacros owner was excited when they found out that their amazing English Cocker Spaniel, was featured on Instagram. Here is what they had to say,
OMG!!! 🤩 Narcos was just featured on the official @instagram account for the #weeklyfluff !! A huge thank you to the @instagram ‘s editorial team ! 🙈🙏 Thanks to Instagram we’ve discovered breeds, lots of things about dogs, connected with new people, and get to interact with people from all over the world, every day, which is really amazing!
I’ve also found my passion: photography. I started Narcos’ account with zero photography skills. This passion has made me develop my creativity, it gives me a break from my daily life and more confidence in myself (sitting on the ground in the streets of Paris to photograph your dog… at first it’s not easy…). Narcos is an extremely happy dog even if he is a grumpy face specialist! He loves being photographed and is such a curious, funny and lovely dog!

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