Papa Johns Customer Appreciation Is A Joke

Papa Johns Customer Appreciation Is A JokeMy wife phoned in the order which was a large pepperoni pizza.  She told them that she had a coupon for their customer appreciation.  They told her the pizza would be ready in 25 minutes.  We waited a little while then drove down the street to pick it up.

When we got there I told her I would wait in the car while she went in to get it.  After 10 minutes of waiting I shut the gas guzzler off.  After 20 minutes my wife came out with a tiny pizza.

Me: “I thought we got a large pizza!?”

Her: “It was a mess!  I told the guy at the counter that we ordered a large pizza.  He told me that the medium was the same price.”

What!!!???  Listen dude.  Listen to your logic.  You just told my wife that she paid for a large pizza but instead of giving her that large pizza you gave her a medium pizza.  And your reason is because they cost the same.

My wife ordered a large pizza and you gave her a medium!  How dense are you?  Papa Johns calls this Customer Appreciation!  But you did not appreciate my wife’s business.

I will no longer be eating at Papa John’s!  They have horrible customer service and their pizza is #2 compared to Dominoes hand-tossed pizza.

Just to be fair I won’t blame all Papa John businesses.  I will blame the one we purchased our pizza from which is:

Papa John's Pizza on UrbanspoonPapa John’s Pizza
1931 South Main Street,
Joplin, MO
(417) 626-7171

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