Top 10 True Ideas People Think Are Just Conspiracy Theories

What’s something you know to be 100% true that everyone else dismisses as a conspiracy theory, comes from the popular subreddit AskReddit.  Please feel free to upvote your favorites and downvote the ones you think are full of crap.



There rest from u/grflax

This is the result of systematic research into exploiting the vast and varied hydrocarbon deposits in the US (This is one of the original meanings of 'God Bless America'), which resulted in among other things hydraulic fracturing technology, known as fracking.

Massive government resources and research has been directed in this area by oil companies working with the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and even the EPA, while systematically de-funding, de-prioritizing, and tax penalizing (most) other energy technologies. And at the levels we are talking about, it literally is like 6-12 people who bear literally all the responsibility for many of these decisions over decades. A significant portion of government research programs are supported and directed by partnerships with energy companies.

I try to tell people that all this climate change denial stuff is just hot air, as the worlds 2nd largest carbon producer the US governing elite will never change their minds until economics forces them to. Greta Thurnberg is just a media circus money pit that we will all circle around like a cockfight while energy policy will remain stagnant for another entire generation. I know this because I've seen the plans. I've been invited to the hula dance, sat behind the podium. The real power in the world is power (energy), and they really believe that they run the country, and most of the world. And right now they are right.


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