Top Five Vegetable Police Videos

Kasey Stern runs a moderately popular YouTube channel called Vegetable Police.  His channel is 8 years old but really took off in the last year where he went from 60,000 subscribers to 122,000+.  He used to be a Vegan but in the summer of 2018, he went full on Carnivore in order to heal his ulcerative colitis.  That created a backlash from the Vegan community and one specific YouTuber called Goji Man.  Below are his current top five videos.

Rated PG:13 (Langauge)

1. Steven Assanti Now: Take That Haters! My 600 lb Life Update (2,015,494 views)

2. 1 Year Male Pattern Baldness Reversal: How I Did It (978,835 views)

3. How to change your eye color naturally at home to blue. Iridology basics explained (941,856 views)

4. HAIR LOSS treatment with DIET. How I reversed Male Pattern Baldness (523,673 views)

5. 10 Year Vegan Eats Nothing But Beef For 30 Days: Amazing Carnivore Diet Before And After Story (437,653 views)

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