Top Ten Reddit Posts Trending Today November 17, 2019

Today we have Hong Kong protestors, a lady wearing pants of all things, and too much water in Venice.  What does it all mean?  You’ll have to scroll to see the entire list of top ten Reddit posts for today!

#1 Hong Kong Protester looks like a post apocalyptic survivor. May HK have the strength it needs to survive.


#2 In 1938, L.A. Kindergarten teacher Helen Hulick went to jail for wearing pants in a courtroom. She was a witness scheduled to testify against two men. When she arrived in slacks, her testimony was rescheduled; the Judge ordered her to go home and return in a dress. She refused, noting inequality.

#4 “I’m boycotting the NFL if they sign Kaepernick!”


#7 Cute how they are holding it together

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