Water Bills Increase Because People Have Too Many Thoughts in the Shower (10 Pics)

Here are 10 Shower Thoughts to entertain your day.  These all come from the popular Reddit subreddit /r/ShowerThoughts.

#1 Baby Yoda’s First Words

"Baby Yoda's first word probably came after his second word"

#2 The Lord of the Rings and Guns


"Due to the existence of fireworks in the LOTR universe, middle earth historically speaking is probably only a few hundred years away from guns and military explosives"

#3 Mooing is so Satisfying

"It’s gotta feel so good to moo as a cow. Probably feels really good to moo."

#4 A Baby is Forever…

"It’s funny how people who get a tattoo receive comments like “that’s for the rest of your life”, while people who are getting a baby don’t"

#5 Dubbed Toothpaste Commercials

"Toothpaste commercials are dubbed so badly so you pay attention to the actors' mouth/teeth."

#7 No Offence but You Take Everything so Personally

"We live in a age that takes nothing serious but everything personal."

#8 Use Your Blinkers, Please

Drivers that don't use their signal are people that literally don't lift a finger to make others safer around them.


"Before a child is born, the parents spend so much energy hoping that their baby is normal. Then after it is born, they hope it grows up to be something special."

#10 Don’t Strain When Pooping

"If you exhale while pooping and peeing, all three states of matter are leaving your body at the same time."

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