What About You Sounds Made Up But is 100% True? (10 Answers)

#1 Earned a Bachelor’s Degree Without Graduating High School

"I never graduated high school but I have a bachelor's degree. I was homeschooled and my mom never went through the legal steps to actually get me a real diploma, so she made one in photoshop that was then used to get me into this podunk community college that didn't verify it. From there I got my associate's degree, which I then used to get into a decent university where I got my bachelor's"

#2 My Car Was Known as the Crunk-Mobile

"I was once sponsored by the CRUNK energy drink company for sailing. I imagine I was the only sailor on their list. I literally just emailed them saying that I sailed and asked if they wanted me to put stickers on my boat. They sent me a few cases of the drink, t shirts, hats, the works. My car was known as the crunk-mobile."

#3 The Horse Yeeted Me

"A horse threw me in the air when I was a child. But I wasn’t on his back. He grabbed the skin of my back with his teeth and yeeted me."

#4 What Kind of Underwear Does the Polish Prime Minister Wear?

"I saw the former prime minister of Poland in his underwear."

#5 My Family is Bad at Seeing Long Term Investments.

"My great grandfather worked in the textile business and started importing rayon fabric from Japan in the late 60s and 70s. Keep in mind this was during the early days of synthetic fabrics and travelling to Japan was not all that common. On a business trip, he met some Japanese business men who were selling newly designed transistor radios. His contacts wanted to setup an exclusive import agreement for their electronics to North America, but my great grandfather declined, because how many of these radios could you possibly sell?

Turns out that was a short sighted business decision, because that company was called Sony Electronics. He turned down the exclusive import contract for Sony.

On the other side of my family, my Canadian relatives walked away from 100 acres of land in Alberta during the dust bowl and great depression. They decided it was not worth paying the taxes on their land. Turns out that land was right in the heart of the Alberta oil deposits.

Also on my mother's side of the family, they used to have a citrus orchard near Los Angeles. They sold it cheap to some land developers. That farm was right at Hollywood and Vine.

My family on both sides is bad at seeing long term investments."

#6 Best Birthday Present From Tony Hawk

"I was at a store when Tony Hawk was signing autographs. I was only 10 at the time and was a huge fan. One of his early video games had just come out. The store had a couple tv’s on the wall and some video games to play. Being a kid I waited for one controller to open up and someone leave. A kid ended up leaving and I grabbed the controller and started playing and minding my own business. A couple minutes later the store wanted to grab photos of Tony playing his own video game. He came over and grabbed the second controller and began to play multiplayer with me. Probably played for 10 minutes. The bonus was it was also my 10th birthday. So I played Tony Hawk Pro Skater with Tony Hawk."

#7 Taking a Ride in the Twin Towers September 10, 2001

"I took my mother for a surprise trip to NYC. She got married to my father there in '68. The surprise was manufactured by way of telling her we were going to Australia (we live in New Zealand, so a trip to Australia is not a huge deal, it's the type of thing you could do for the weekend) and therefore she packed a bag and brought her passport. We got to the airport and said "Surprise! We're going to New York!" and she cried her eyes out with delight.

When we arrived, on our first morning, I said "Okay, what do you want to do?"

She said "When I was last here, in 1968, the Twin Towers weren't complete, so, I'd like to go to the top of them."

"Your wish is my command!" I said and off we went to the WTC.

That was the afternoon of September 10th, 2001. Suffice it to say, there was a particular poignancy when we looked out the window at around 8am the next morning."

#8 Do You Know How to Defrag a Hard Drive?

"Once in college I applied for a job at the library help desk. I figured I would help people find books. Didn’t give it much more thought than that.

During the interview, I aced all of the customer service questions. Then they asked me whether I knew how to defrag a hard drive. Cue alarm bells in my head, but I kept calm outwardly and said no, but you can teach me.

I worked in IT for three years by accident. They were too nice to fire me."

#9 My Dad Tried to Sell Me!

"my dad kidnapped me and took me to Singapore for very malicious purposes (i'm sure you could imagine). i was 15 and my dad literally had fake documents and suitcases filled with random clothes. when we got there we went to a sketchy hotel and after 15 minutes he went to the bar. a bit after that, some guy just walks in. i was confused but he began muttering saying i was 'too pale' and 'too old' and he left. i called my dad but he didn't answer so i climbed out through the window and went to the police. they put me on a plane home that same hour.

i don't really tell people because it's a bit of a crazy story and sounds made up (hence why it's here) but yeh."

#10 My Dad is Not My Dad

"I found out my "father" wasnt my biological father in 10th grade Biology class. We were learning about blood types and traits. I raised my hand thinking I was a smart ass, "You're chart isnt accurate, my dad has AB negative and I'm O positive." My teacher said "I think your mom has some explaining to do!". And we all chuckled.

Turned out, he was not my father."

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