What Do You Do When Your Child Brings Home a First Love (10 Answers)

Raise your hand if you’re not looking forward to when your child brings home their first love. Now that we have our arms raised go ahead and lower one so you can scroll through and see the answers.


My daughter(13) wanted me to meet her first "real" boyfriend. I was nice and pleasant, but I knew it wouldn't last cause he was all looks and no brains. Of course, as jr high relationships go, it was about a 2 month ordeal. I think all parents should try and be cordial, unless the person feels like a serial killer or something. (littlecakebaker)


My 4yo daughter introduced me to the 5yo neighbour kid as a bf, she told me he's really good at running fast and he appreciates snails as much as she does. Needless to say, this is a keeper (LittleMissEmmet)


Not a parent, but this was my experience with my mother when I was a teen.

So, as a teen, my mother pulled me to the side and gave me the "gay talk". You know, the "I'll still love you even if you were gay" talk.

I asked her why she thought I was gay and she said it was because I never bring any girls to the house.

Guess what I did within the next few days? I brought a girl in the house.

Guess what my mother did? She kicked her out and gave me a lecture on how inappropriate it was to bring girls to the house.

Yes, it makes no sense. (Mr-Klaus)



My mother-in-law assumed I was some sort of player when I first met her before my first date with my wife. Even told my wife that she assumed I went on lots of dates back at school.

Joke’s on her. I spent the entirety of my freshman year (year before I met my wife) enjoying the sweet, sweet internet speed of my dorm room and playing the shit out of Halo 3, Mass Effect 1 & 2, picking up drunk dorm-mates from house parties at 3am, and going on exactly 0 dates.

After years of getting to know my MIL, she just didn’t want her daughter to get into a long-distance relationship, then end up moving out of state with me if we got married and I was still there (which ended up happening. Whoops). (GNOIZ1C)

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