If you are out and about and taking photos of the scenery, then one thing that you should not leave behind are spare batteries. This will ensure that you have enough juice for whatever that could happen. Funny thing is, it’s the least accessory that people and photographers forget.

It’s Rare, yet it is Essential

It is not odd since the budget is mostly focused on the lenses and body of the camera. It is seldom that people are thinking to buy spares from the get-go. On the other hand, as mentioned, it is an essential addition to your gears. 

Just think how frustrating it can be to forcibly stop taking photos simply because you don’t have enough power left.

Only OEM

With spare batteries readily available, nothing stops you from shooting majestic shots and awesome sceneries. However, when buying batteries, make sure to buy OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. These batteries are sure to work as they’re advertised and will not affect the manufacturer warranty too.