Social media and memes are like made for each other. They are a perfect match! Both of the said ideas are all about trying to connect people over the internet.

Memes and Social Media

While social media is a kind of platform that is intended for communication, memes on the other hand is a way to express culturally-relevant concepts and ideas.

Memes can be of any media; it might be a video or image that is representing the feelings and thoughts of the audience.

Primary Objective of Memes

Majority of the memes on the other hand are being captioned with photos that are made to elicit entertainment and humor. But take into mind as well that there are several viral video memes circulating the internet too.

As a matter of fact, memes are worldwide social phenomena and there is an ever-growing aspect of social engagement and viral marketing associated to it. Oftentimes, memes are relevant to existing subcultures or cultures.