Fashion Shows: Some Examples of How Organizers Keep Events Sustainable

While fashion shows are popular events that showcase the latest in aesthetic trends, show organizers do everything to capture the interest of the audience. Although fashion shows serve as a platform in directly connecting designers to their target consumers, they are short-lived engagements that leave substantial carbon footprints whilst generating material wastes. Fortunately, advancements in technology came up with digital signages, screen displays and LED posters as sustainable marketing and advertising solutions.

Significance of Fashion Shows in the Fashion Industry

Models walk on runways and strive to project striking impressions of the new line of products being launched. The goal is to promote beauty and elegance as lifestyle elements. Fashion shows are supposed to present a featured designer’s talent and skills in designing outfits, shoes, handbags and other accessories in line with current pop culture styles and trends.

It’s important therefore not to let the background displays compete with the models, in drawing the attention of the audience. Yet presentations of seasonal collections take long preparations. The short-lived marketing campaigns tend to generate material wastes coming from props, banners and signages used in every fashion show and product marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, as major brands and leading fashion houses have been showing support for the global movement to protect the planet from the worsening effects of global warming and the resulting climate changes, other fashion industry players are following suit. Most businesses, not just those in the fashion industry are into using digital signages, particularly opting for LED posters as choice of displays.

Why Marketers and Advertisers Choose LED Posters for Their Campaigns

The main reasons why LED posters have become a favorite choice among marketers and advertisers are their versatility and sustainability as campaign tools. LED posters can be set up as freestanding digital signages on the ground, or be integrated as interactive displays in workspaces.

In fashion shows where the environment must be free of clutter, LED posters can be hung from the ceilings or walls of lobbies and atriums. That way, guests will be able to read introductory information about the event, the performers and even important aspects of the event’s background story.

LED posters can be easily rotated to display a different set of messages after the holding of the show; such as names and contact numbers of important persons in relation to instructions for order placements; or to the list of charitable organizations who will benefit from the proceeds of the event.

LED poster content is viewable at a 160°viewing angle, which allows the digital poster to be clearly visible from the side. Still, organizers can remotely operate and navigate LED poster content as controls can be accessed with an iOS or Android supported-device.

To learn more about LED posters, about their features and how they work, readers can find additional info at the digitalframe0 website, (

9 Marketing Tips for Online Clothing Stores

Online clothing store


If you want to reach your intended target group and increase your conversions on your clothing webshop, marketing is a very good way to do this. It is also largely free to use. So to get more customers and increase customer value, you can use the tips we tell you in this blog. Especially in the fashion industry, these are good to use because this industry is of course quite specific. In this blog, we tell you our best tips to use marketing optimally for your clothing webshop.

Target audience

Before you dive into the marketing section, it is wise to map out your target group. Your target audience is the group of people you want to buy your clothes. For example, when you sell children’s clothing, it is the intention that children will wear these clothes. But here the target group is the parents of the children, and not the children themselves. Or when you sell women’s clothing: then you focus your marketing on women, but within this group, you can specify even further. For example, if you focus on young women between the ages of 20 and 30, the marketing strategy is different than if you focus on an older target group. An older target group has different (online) preferences than a younger one. That is why it is important to first map out your specific target group before you continue to fill in your marketing. What can help with this is creating a persona or multiple personas. This means that you describe a person who you think represents the perfect customer.

Online presence (corporate identity)

The atmosphere in a physical store can have a lot of influence on the customers who walk into the store. Is there hip-top 40 music being played? Then the target group is in all likelihood relatively young. Is the use of color in the store quiet and not striking? Then the store is probably aimed at slightly older people. The same applies to visitors who visit your clothing webshop online, here too atmosphere is of influence. It is nice if your online presence matches the atmosphere of your physical store, if you have it, and if you do not have this, then your online presence remains important. Provide a corporate identity with elements that fit together and ensure that the house style appeals to the target group. When you sell women’s clothing for older ladies, for example, it is illogical to work a lot with trendy bright colors, while this fits in with a younger target group.

Recognisability & reliability

What should come back to the design and your corporate identity is recognisability. As mentioned earlier, it is important that when you have a physical store it matches your online clothing webshop. But even without a physical store, creating recognisability is good for your webshop. When visitors are recognized, trust grows, and reliability is a big factor when people want to make a purchase online. A large part of online shoppers indicates that they are more likely to make a purchase when they trust the webshop. In addition to a recognizable corporate identity, this reliability can also be increased by, for example, showing customer reviews on your webshop. In addition, it also helps when you are transparent in your marketing communications to the customer. For example, if a T-shirt is smaller than normal, tell this in the product description. This way you avoid disappointment and you are honest with your customers.

Social media

It has already been told that a consistent corporate identity and recognisability are important for reaching your target group and staying top of mind with them. This also applies to social media, but this is a different area than your webshop. You have many different social media channels. The most popular in the Netherlands are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. On all these channels you can promote your clothing webshop well. For example, by posting content where you let the models wear your clothes and tell them what size they are wearing so that visitors know what the clothes look like. If you have a younger target group, you can also use TikTok. On Instagram, you can link products to your posts. In this way, people are immediately redirected to your web shop and you make making purchases easy.


The use of influencers is becoming increasingly popular. Influencer marketing means that a person with a lot of reach on social media posts a photo or video in which they promote your clothes. This happens on almost all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Promoted content can often be recognized by the #spon (which means ‘sponsored’). As a result, people who see the message are aware that the influencer is paid for posting the message. Now you might think that influencers will always say that the product is good because they are paid to wear it. This is often not the case.

When you are looking for an influencer who has a reliable image and is known for his or her honesty, you get the most out of a possible collaboration. For clothing, there are many possibilities for using influencers. For example, sending a few items to an influencer and asking if they want to do an unboxing video on YouTube or you send them an outfit and ask if they want to post a photo with this outfit on social media and then tag your brand.


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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. Actually, they are ways to score high for free or paid on Google. Optimizing these parts can ensure that, for example, if people search for ‘flowered summer dress’ on Google, your webshop will be at the top of the list. For SEO, there are many things you can do that will help increase your ranking in the search engine like building 백링크 (backlinks). It’s important to start with keyword research. Think about which words you want to be found on. Keep in mind that a term like ‘summer dress’ is very common and you probably have a lot of competition. For example, on ‘flowered summer dress’ the competition will already be a lot less. So be specific.

For SEA, you can advertise on the keywords you have drawn up. By advertising, you are often guaranteed a higher position Please note that there is the green block ‘ad’ in the search overview so that people can see that it is an advertisement. You can also advertise visually by using banners. For the SEO part, there are many things you can do on your webshop yourself, such as having the keywords come back in your texts or linking internally to pages on your webshop.

Measuring your performance

When you use SEO and SEA or use social media a lot, it is useful to occasionally take a look at what the results are. When you integrate your webshop with Google Analytics, you can create many reports here in which relevant information can be found. Such as through which channel do people most often come to your webshop? Or which click path do people go through the most before they make a purchase? In this way, you gain insight into the road that your customer travels and you may notice that some parts of your webshop are experienced as thresholds by your customers. With this, you can then get started to optimize your webshop and hopefully also increase the conversions. On social media, you can ask your customers’ opinions by asking them a question or conducting polls. With this feedback, you measure how people experience your webshop and you can also implement optimizations based on this.

Size guide

Many online clothing shoppers indicate that they attach great value to a size guide. A size guide is not only nice for your customers but also for you as a webshop owner because this is a good way to reduce or even prevent returns. As mentioned earlier, being honest about, for example, the sizes and how they fall is nice for the customers. This also applies to a size guide. This can be used in different ways. You can individually indicate how each product falls in different sizes, but you can also show a general size guide. By means of a general size guide, you create a kind of filter where people can, for example, enter the centimeters so that they automatically filter on their size. You will then be able to upload this yourself to your webshop.


Unboxing experiences are increasingly shared on social media when they are surprising or beautifully formatted. This is one reason why packaging is important for the customer experience. For example, when you sell beachwear, it is nice to make sure that the paper in which you put the clothes gives colors that match a beach and, for example, to put a few shells in the box. In addition, people always like it when they get something ‘free’. These can be the smallest things, for example, a small bracelet or a discount voucher of, for example, 5% or 10% off your next order. This increases customer loyalty because it is more likely that these customers will return to your webshop for their next purchase.

Recognisability is also a component that influences the unboxing experience because when it matches the house style of your store or webshop people recognize this and this sticks. What is also nice to add to your packaging is a business card with the most important information. If you want people to share your packaging on social media, come up with a # that fits your brand and put it on that business card. When people post something on social media and use the hashtag or tag you, you can share it on your own social media. This promotes customer loyalty and gives you fun new content.

Why being a Fashion Designer could be the Right Career Path for You?

When you think about it, designing clothes is like creating a work of art. It requires a lot of creativity and skill to fashion clothes that are stylish and appealing to the general public. 

Why Fashion Designing is a Great Career?

It could be a great career choice for those who love to create beautiful things and also have an eye for detail. However, not everyone is cut out to design clothes, which is why you will need to think about it carefully. 

If you do, however, believe that this might be the right career choice for you, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn about the many benefits of designing as well as why it is a great career choice for you. Moreover, you will learn about the top reason why you should consider a career as a fashion designer.

Freedom in Creativeness

This is one of the most important perks of being a designer. You will be able to design anything that you want. As a result, you will be able to create very original things. 

Another perk of creative freedom is working on different products. You will have the ability to work on different styles of clothing from different cultures and different periods of time.

Work with Great Brands

Who doesn’t love their favorite brands? Whether it’s a clothing brand, cosmetics brand, or even a food brand, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of your favorite brands. Working in fashion designing, you can work for any brand you desire. 

You can work for big name brands. Or, you can work for smaller brands that are based in your local community. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to work with brands that you love and have strong ties with.

You’ll Meet Amazing People

In your career as a fashion designer, you’ll meet some of the most creative people in the world. Some of them will be designers, some will be copywriters, celebrities, and some will be CEOs of major brands. The best part about this is you can learn a lot from them outside your niche, like how to market your products and so forth.

These people are some of the most influential people in the world and you’ll have the opportunity to meet them. This can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet people who are known for their creativity and innovation.

What B2B Can Learn B2C When it Comes to Marketing

Consumer (B2C) business projects will be challenging to discuss because the business (B2B) business is more creative than the discovered business.

B2B Marketing may often be obtained by emulating some tactics used in B2C. However, some brands seem to realize that business people are also consumers! This “Human to Human Marketing” trend is accelerated, and B2B is the phenomenon that the development of digital marketing strategies should be considered.

B2B buyers have some evidence to display the behavior and decisions of the consumer type. For example, after the acquisition group, after the 2016 “Province B2B Procurement”, we will study only 12.4% of the 500 surveyed business procurement experts who prefer to talk with the seller during the decision-making process.

It is recommended that 32% are searched online and purchased and calls only if a problem occurs. Finding something exciting is to boost online spending if it is easy to buy 61% of the buyer easier to browse from their provider’s website. 

B2B buyer’s personal purchase life, personalized, personalized, comfortable, and multi-channel experience. It is a surprise that more buyers are their providers, and those who use peer review are now eligible to be their providers or who are their providers; 19 in 2012, It increased from% to 53%. 

B2B Marketing personnel can do the target group to meet this behavioral shift? What can you take from your consumer item? The area to be considered considers how B2C marketing technology is driving. This helps B2B adopts scalability and provides a more convenient multi-channel experience.

Active users in social media and more social media supporters are commonly used in consumer markets. In B2B marketing, we released to resume social media altogether. The B2B brand must demonstrate their character and excitement for their products and services, really creative.

It’s essential that they represent something and that the spirit is conveyed in every message, from email campaigns to websites, sales, and everything in between. Looking at B2C marketing, creativity and possibilities are endless. It’s moving and evolving. By comparison, the B2B world is much drier and slower to learn, but changing it certainly brings exciting times.