Latest releases of point-and-shoot cameras come with nifty-little things and pretty convenient to carry around, even for extended period of time. 

If you are looking to buy a new camera, point-and-shoot cameras would not let you down.

Good Reasons for Buying a Point-and-Shoot

So, you might be wondering why you should be investing in one? Well then, better read the next paragraphs…

Compact Size

Point and shoot cameras are convenient in size for they have relatively small design, yet still functional. It is among its biggest advantages compared to DSLRs.


Together with the small size of point-and-shoots, they are also easy to carry and light in weight. You can just throw them in your bag or purse easily. There’s no need to get bulky camera bag only to ensure that they are protected.


This is one thing that is truly beloved by consumers. Point-and-shoots are not as expensive as DSLRs yet, they bring almost the same capability and function that the latter has.