Gangnam Perfect HyperBlitz : The Best in Korean Karaoke Entertainment

aouth korea travelThere are lots of experiences to look forward to when on a business trip in Korea, including the Gangnam Perfect Judae (강남 퍼펙트 주대) nightlife offered by the city of Seoul. Gangnam Perfect furnishes big and small private rooms in which to hold Karaoke singing sessions enjoyed by Koreans whether young or old.

Actually, when visiting any bustling neighborhood in South Korea, visitors find thriving Karaoke businesses popularly known as noraebangs. Those are rooms that customers rent to use exclusively for singing using a karaoke machine.

However, if you’re in Korea for a business meeting or convention, your host will likely treat you in one of the Karaoke bars in Gangnam where the rooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems. As such, large screens, multiple wireless microphones and a substantial library of songs. The choices usually include recordings in different languages as a complementary service to international visitors looking to experience Korea’s distinguished brand of Karaoke entertainment.

irl and karaoke singjngActually, most Gangnam Karaoke bar operators try to have an edge over each other by enhancing their rooms or services with special features. While some bars and nightclubs offer themed Karaoke rooms, Gangnam Perfect Hyperblitz bar located in the basement of the 5-star Eliena Hotel offers major discounts for customers arriving before 9 PM. The establishment also provides free valet parking services. Moreover, residents of Gangnam district with booked reservations can also request for pick-up services.

Gangnam Perfect Karaoke Hyperblitz is actually a one-stop establishment for providing lavish entertainment, as it has an extensive menu of food and drinks that customers can offer to their VIP guests.

Features of a State-of-the Art Korean Karaoke System

Although karaoke machines originated in Japan, several home-grown Korean manufacturers have made their mark as producers of the best Karaoke systems. The computerized system is operated by way of a large controller with various buttons that allow users to program or adjust the following:

  • Search for Voice, Song Title, Artist and Country
  • Pitch
  • Tempo
  • Volume
  • Echo,
  • Reverberation
  • Rhythm,
  • Voice removal,
  • Change music sheet,
  • Change background video

The Karaoke system also comes with a thick songbook to help users find song titles with assigned serial numbers. Non-Koreans could find using the remote controller confusing when looking to add a song to the cue as the button-displays contain hangul vowels and consonants.

Actually, when cueing up a song, users need only to type-in the 5-digit songbook serial number corresponding to a song title. Type enter or save to add the song to the cue; or press Start if there are no other titles lined up.