There are numerous ways on how you can get the photos from your camera. Among the most frequently used method is connecting the camera to the computer via USB. For some cameras with built-in Wi-Fi, the transfer can be done through the internet instead.

Simple yet, Effective

Then again, some computers have SD card reader that is built-in

This allows you to just take out the SD card from your camera and insert it to the card slot in your computer. Then, it will automatially read it and start transferring files.

Why a Card Reader?

One of the most flexible methods is by using memory card reader. There are many situations where this can save you like for instance:

  • When your camera runs out of battery
  • If the computer where you like to transfer photos don’t have a card reader or;
  • Wi-Fi is not an option

When buying a card reader, it is recommended to shoot for known brands as they can usually read several card formats and provide fast file transfers.