Thinking of an activity that you and your partner or spouse can do and have fun at the same time? Well if you do, why don’t you kick it off by doing some redecoration?

Choose a room that you wanted to redecorate. This may be a room that needs a makeover or ought to be organized. Perhaps, it may be a room that everyone is frequently using. Decorating the perfect room doesn’t mean that you have to master interior designing. 

It is all about the time and the connection that you and your spouse are spending together while trying to achieve a common goal.

Dance Maybe?

If none of you has the knack for decorating instead, then why not play some old records or stream some music. Take her for a dance and she’ll be left surprised with your sweet gesture.

Do Blogs

You’ll never know but you and your partner might be a perfect team. Try something new like blogging together. Think of topics that you two can collaborate. While doing this, you can also make some serious cash after establishing your audience.