How to Flaunt Your Fashion with Face Mask On

It’s already been a year when the pandemic striked all over the world. As part of the health protocol associated with it, staying at home is the best thing to do to stop the spread of the virus. However, if you can’t resist going out, wearing face mask is a must. Well, for fashionistas out there, you do not need to worry as you can still be fashionable even with those face mask on.


If you have the talent of sewing, you can generally make use of it and customized face masks for your family and friends.


Different Styles of Fashion Face Masks

Fashion face masks are usually the term used to call those face mask that are sewn in order to make it more personalized. Here are some examples of fashion face masks that you can make:

The Feminine Style

This style of face mask basically utilizes flowers, laces, or ruffles. These accessories can usually add soften to the bandit appeal of the face mask.


Glamorous Face Mask

Beads, sequins, and embellishments that are sparkling can immediately make a simple face mask into a glamorous one.


Minimalist Design

If you are some kind of minimalist, designing your face mask with this style is actually a good idea. You may generally consider using liberty prints and basic embroidery here.

How the Pandemic Motivated Most Americans to Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

In August last year, Pew Research conducted a survey to find out if the American public had any positive views about the pandemic despite the adverse outcomes. The results revealed that 67% of the Americans surveyed mentioned at least one positive outcome, which generally referred to changes they made or intend to make to make their post-pandemic life better.

Many were motivated to change the way they handle their finances, others vowed to be more zealous in improving or adding skills in order to be more competitive or better prepared for any eventuality.

Not a few came to realize the value of having more time to spend with the family, vowing to make sure they will continue to do so even after the pandemic. Those who were forced into isolation realized how having their parents and siblings around made life much better; prompting them to move back home or at least be somewhere closer to home so they could frequently visit.

Older folks took more interest in learning how to expand their knowledge in the use of mobile phones and of different communication apps. In fact, many senior citizens are quite happy about their newfound ability to shop online, get to watch old and new movies, chat and virtually meet with family and friends, and even consult with their physicians and get their prescriptions filled without having to leave the house.

Of all the positive changes that many Americans made, the most common is the adoption of a healthier and more active lifestyle. Cycling as means of both transport and exercise was at the forefront of such changes. Mainly because of the need to minimize expenses and to avoid riding on public transport. After all, the risks of getting exposed to the infectious disease is still high since many Americans have taken a stance against mask wearing and other safety protocols.

Cycling is at the Forefront of Post Pandemic Changes

Apparently, positive changes also transpired in cities, as the smogginess of the air was reduced after heavy vehicular traffic ceased for awhile. In fact local city officials and planners are now into implementing more changes to make sure the improvements in their environment and in urban mobility will be sustained permanently.

Local governments made conscious efforts to support the emerging cycling culture by providing more bike lanes and designating more roads to make the cityscape safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

It’s also a good thing that there are now ebikes as an option for those who prefer not to arrive all sweaty at their destination. Older riders find the pedal-assist feature quite helpful, since the motor power allows them to cover greater distance without putting too much pressure on their already worn-out bodies.

It’s not surprising that ebikes are at the forefront of every change that most Americans made. Finance-wise, using an electric bike costs less as it does not require gasoline since users need only to plug in the ebike overnight. Some of the more popular models are those with removable batteries, which allows plugging and charging anywhere.

Health-wise, ebikes are great tools for exercise. Older folks are also finding ebikes convenient to use, especially for those who have acquired newfound skills in using Google maps and connected-vehicle apps that allow them to communicate with other ebike riders and vehicle drivers.

How Fashion Brands Leverage Spotify for their Marketing Strategy



Since its launching in 2008 Spotify has shifted a whole lot, but not all its changes are well received. On the other hand, the stage was wise to accommodate to what customers demanded and anticipated by it, getting not just one of the favorite music streaming programs, but in addition social networking with a lot of chances. Many manufacturers have observed this possibility and have opted to add Spotify to their social networking strategy.

Advertising vs. Social Networking strategy

Yes, there are advertisements around Spotify, and they’ve come to be increasingly elaborated, to the stage they’ve even contained video in their advertisements for their desktop variant. Among the chief purposes of ‘Spotify for Brands’ would be to provide advertisers the chance to segment their viewers according to musical tastes and demographical profiles of their 75 million consumers Spotify has globally and that we could notify you within Influencer Marketing Agency NYC of all However, we aren’t speaking about marketing, but also the usage of Spotify as a social media. That is why more and more record labels and artists leverage Spotify promotion to reach more people to listen to their music.

In 2010 Spotify permitted to connect it to some Facebook accounts, which allowed users to look at their buddy’s profiles and discuss playlists together in a more direct manner than before today. This is the way users started building a community. The buddies were exactly the same according to Facebook, however, they had been using a program focused on songs only, or so the conversation turned about that subject. Spotify shortly encouraged this societal aspect and additional options to accompany musicians and users, and to discuss audio on other programs such as Twitter or even Tumblr. Consumers were thrilled, however, there was still another set of attention who saw possible: brands.

People on the other side of the advertising and societal websites from a number of distinct brands recognized that songs not only make people feel at ease, but it also generates powerful communities. But music may also eventually become a part of company identity and a new picture. That is the way many businesses started to make their official reports that they declared in their own social networks and webs, enticing customers to accompany along to talk about the importance of music.

Specifically, style is among those businesses which have succeeded very best in knowing and executing a societal plan via Spotify.


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Spotify and style brands

If we choose such as three large names in the garments sector: H&M, Pull&Bear y Victoria’s Secret,” we’d state that these 3 brands have a goal that is chiefly young, and such brands look after the songs they perform in their shops or even on catwalks.


The lively and other music which H&M played in its shops was well received that the firm made a decision to take this advantage to societal networks, making playlists for this music so clients could listen to it whenever they enjoyed, acquiring the title of their brand always current. H&M arranges its playlists out of its global accounts, however, they don’t market this crazily — they don’t cite their own profile on their site. But they really do send the message through social networks:

As a part of its cooperation using Coachella, they made a playlist of this festival linking the folk appearance of this occasion to the audio. And because of the more energetic individuals who purchase their sports clothing at H&M, there’s a playlist for runners.

To put it differently, the brand concentrates its Spotify plan on generating lists to reestablish the year’s sets.


Pull&Bear has really generated a solid bet on its own Spotify plan going a step farther and creating collaborations with artists and DJs to make lists. This child’s new from Inditex is boosting an indie and other appearance, therefore it centers on the audio on the many underground music and blends. Additionally, it has established ambiances with lists for various days of the day: silent mornings, mad nights.

The brand boasts its love for songs on its site regarding lifestyle, which shows that Spotify is now an integral part because of its contents approach and its own internet identity. For these, music doesn’t only match a set, but it’s an essential component of the doctrine they market.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret’s catwalks are actually happening in the area of style, and today on social websites also. What’s commented: the clothing, the atmosphere, and not the songs. Victoria’s Secret started up its own Spotify accounts to cheer up customers with what seems in their shops, catwalks and additionally generating playlists for different moods, plus they comprise songs to be appreciated too. Their brand doctrine is quite favorable and happy, and that explains precisely the reason why their own playlists are an invitation to enjoy the weekend or even do some practice.

In addition, they have their very own DJ which makes combinations for them. With over 23,000 followers along with the tens of thousands of subscribers for the playlists, this is obviously a community that has sprung up around audio.

It’s a simple fact that music and style go together, particularly in the world we are living in now. The speedy growth of social networking has produced that people who don’t update frequently lag. But simply being there isn’t sufficient: preparation a technique which functions predicated with the corporate picture as well as the message that’s transmitted to the different networks may provide a way to generating yet a different stage where consumers anticipate a new to locate new content. And in this instance, audio is fantastic content.


Challenges of Family With Children Who Have Asthma | Portable Nebulizers

Bronchial asthma is the most common chronic disease in children and adolescents. In Europe, around 10 percent of all children under the age of 15 are affected. In at least 70 percent of cases, the disease breaks out before the age of 5. However, bronchial asthma in children is often overlooked or treated too late.

Bronchial Asthma Medication

Bronchial asthma is not yet curable, but numerous medicinal and other therapeutic aids are available. The aim of every therapy is to enable the sick child to fully participate in normal life. Age-appropriate asthma training courses have proven effective for this. Children, adolescents and their parents receive important information about illness and therapy. The family will be involved in learning to recognize symptoms and how to deal with the disease safely.

Asthma medication

There are basically two groups of asthma medication:

  • Bronchodilator relievers are used primarily as a quick reliever medication for acute complaints. (Reliever therapy)
  • Anti-inflammatory controllers must be taken for a long time and achieve a long-term effect. (Long-term therapy)

Reliever to widen the airways

Reliever (derived from the English to relieve = to make things easier) should be taken when needed. They help with acute complaints and, thanks to their bronchodilator effect, relieve asthma symptoms in the short term . Most of them are short-acting beta-2 sympathomimetics (SABA) for inhalation. For example:

  • Fenoterol,
  • Formoterol,
  • Salbutamol or
  • Terbutalin

These remedies, also known as bronchodilators, relax the cramped bronchial muscles within a few minutes and thus lead to an expansion of the airways.

On-demand medication is very effective in relieving acute asthma symptoms , but has no effect on the inflammation that underlies asthma. This also applies to the long-acting beta-2 sympathomimetics (LABA), which are used in an advanced stage of the disease. However, these should only be used in combination with an anti-inflammatory inhaled cortisone preparation (ICS) . In this context, one speaks of so-called combination preparations.

Controller against inflammation

There are various inhalation devices that transport the active ingredient into the bronchi. Controllers are anti-inflammatory and dampen the constant inflammation of the airways. These active ingredients make attacks and asthma symptoms less frequent and less severe. In order to achieve this effect, however, these asthma medications must be used regularly and continuously. One speaks therefore of long-term medication.

Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) – also known as cortisone in common parlance – are the most effective controllers based on current knowledge. In adults, they should form the basis of long-term asthma therapy because they treat the inflammatory processes in the airways that underlie asthma.

The cortisone preparations are taken as an asthma spray. By inhaling the cortisone directly enters the respiratory system and can work there effectively. This significantly reduces side effects. Modern ICS preparations allow good asthma control even with a very low dose. During regular check-ups with the attending physician, the medication dose should be checked again and again and set to the lowest effective dose.

In the case of severe asthma, cortisone can also be given briefly in the form of tablets. Since cortisone tablets act on the whole body, however, they can cause more severe side effects than the cortisone spray. According to the recommendations of the current National Asthma Care Guideline, cortisone should therefore only be prescribed as a tablet if treatment with antibodies does not improve the asthma.

Asthma Therapy

Unfortunately, to this day there is no way to cure asthma . The chronic respiratory disease is usually well treatable with medication. The aim of every asthma therapy is that patients are largely symptom-free and physically fit. In most cases, this can also be achieved through an individually tailored treatment.

How is Asthma Treated?

Asthma treatment consists on the one hand of drug therapy with anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator drugs. The aim is to improve chronic inflammation and the narrowing of the airways. The therapy is based on the asthma control and is structured as a so-called step scheme . For adults as well as for children and adolescents there is a separate level scheme with five or six therapy levels.

The treatment is intensified from step to step. The attending physicians individually select the level for each person at which good asthma control can be achieved, but at the same time causes as few side effects as possible. The National Care Guideline recommends: If several treatment options are available, the one with fewer side effects should always be chosen, even if it is the more expensive one.

In addition to the asthma medication, non-drug measures are also recommended for the treatment of asthma. These are, for example, asthma training courses in which patients learn to better assess their symptoms. Non-drug treatment also includes:

  • physical training ,
  • Weight loss,
  • Smoking cessation and
  • Atemphysiotherapie
  • various breathing techniques

It’s important to note that frequent comorbidities such as chronic runny nose (rhinitis) or sinusitis (sinusitis) should be treated appropriately.

In the case of mixed or allergic asthma , specific immunotherapy (SIT) with allergens is also a possible therapy option.

The treatment of asthma in children is similar to that in adults, but there are also some differences and peculiarities.