Per year, there is an estimated 1 million adoptable cats and dogs being euthanized in the US. All because there are too many pets that are coming to shelters and there are few people who are considering adopting one.

Eliminating Euthanasia

The number of animals being euthanized can be drastically reduced if only there are more people who are adopting pets rather than buying them. 

Through adoption, you get to save big by making them a part of the family and opening more space for the shelter for another animal who may need help.

Prepare for an Awesome New Pet!

Rescue groups and animal shelters are filled with healthy and happy pets that are waiting to be picked up by new owners. Majority of the shelter pets end in such place because of human issues such as a divorce or moving to a new location and not because they’ve done something wrong.

Most of these pets are actually house-trained so moving with them would not be a problem.