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Glenn Beck New Theme Song 2010

I tried really hard to find a link to Glenn Beck’s new theme song for 2010 and was unsuccessful.  If you have one or know of one I can use here on this site please let me know.

To all Glenn Beck supporters what do you think of his radio theme song for the year 2010?  I thought it sounded a lot like a theme song for a 007 James Bond movie.  The longer I listened to it I thought it was sung by Queen (I realize that is impossible).

What are your thoughts on the new theme song?

Glenn Beck


  1. Honestly think the rock sound of his theme song doesn’t fit with the format or views of his show. They should try using The Dukes of Hazzard Theme song…..”Just the good ‘ol boys…..never meaning no harm…….. . I’m just sayin’.

  2. Glenn Beck New Theme Song 2010 – via @dummiesyear http://dummiesoftheyear.com/glenn-beck-n

  3. Non-drunk guy

    It’s obviously a drunk guy singing at a karaoke bar and I’m sick of hearing it.

  4. Yes it is Stephen Lyons and the song is called we will be key

  5. I think the singer sounds a lot like the solo artist Serj Tankien, formerly the lead singer of System of a Down. Listen to his solo work and you will see what im talking about.

  6. Just always remember it's all in your imagination what an individual may accomplish and how fast

  7. 1) Who sings the radio theme song?

    All of our theme music is produced in-house.

    2) What are the words to the theme song?

    “We search for answers everywhere. We will be the key”. “We must remember who we are, we will be the key”


  8. Okay! someone posted on here saying it was them….they lied. but i liked there music anyway, I beleive there name was arch stanton. anywhooo, Im updating my iPod with music (including Stephen Lyons music (the one who really did write the theme song)) but if this arch stanton guy or you guys out there have anymore music recommendations please post it! (oh and I already have a bunch of muse on there, they rock)

  9. At first I thought it was System of a Down, but it is a catchy tune

  10. Arleen Karell

    I love his style, there is just something about it.

  11. beck’s too busy to answer an email about his new theme song? please. he’s probably enjoying all the interest and will maintain the mystery. it’s like the guy who wrote American Pie, Don McLean, who claimed he wasn’t writing about anyone in particular. that way, he maintained the mystery and the continued interest in the song. if beck wanted us to know who does his theme song, he could announce it on his show.

  12. Dennis Schneider

    Love the theme song!! Thought it was Queen when I first heard it!!

  13. It is a custom song styled after Muse. He came up with the words him self.

  14. I think the song is by “savior machine” he has made so many songs and many of the songs have diffrent “sounds” and some of savior machine’s music has this sound.

    this was my first impression. i should listion to my cd’s again and see if im mistaken or not.


    • Thanks Sam for the reply. A lot of people think it is Stephen Lyons.
      .-= Mel Ancholy´s last blog ..Free Knives On Flights!? =-.

  15. Obvioyusly Glenn Beck has adopted the John McCain plan for music, playing music from rcording artists without paying them or even getting their permission.
    I doubt Muse would share Beck’s attitude that in order to defeat the government we need to get on our knees before the corporate gods!

    • Actually I think he used a different band. Look through the comments because people there was a legit person who sang this that Beck probably paid.
      .-= Mel Ancholy´s last blog ..Famous Interviews (4) Sam Bradford =-.

  16. While it does sound like Muse, the chorus sounds a lot more like Saviour Machine, a Christian symphonic-goth band that did a 3-disc concept opera using the Book of Revelation. Look up any of their music (especially the “Legend” discs) and you cant miss the similarity

    • It is funny how a lot of us can compare this song to something else.

      Thanks for the comment Rick.
      .-= Mel Ancholy´s last blog ..Gravatar Time-Line =-.

  17. It’s a guy named Stephen Lyons who sings the song, and is titled “we will be the key”. Glenn Beck wrote the lyrics himself from what I understand.

  18. Well listening to Muse, “Uprising” I notice it was the music played when he was the key note speaker at cpac this year.

  19. I too like that tune….and taking all the leads and comments here…..I found that it is STEPHEN LYONS that played the song. He hasn’t released it for public consumption…..but check him out on REVEBNATION.com Thanks…I was going crazy too…..great song…..

  20. MUSE Super-Fan

    cant believe some idiots on here thought it was Muse… clearly, not even close to Matthew Bellamy’s voice.

  21. Thank you, I’ve been wondering who sang the opening for weeks now. It is very hard to find any answers, so thanks for getting to the truth!

  22. I never heard of Muse, but I’m with the others who say it reminds them of Queen. It reminds me not only of Queen, but of Queen’s soundtrack for the awful “Flash Gordon” movie from the late 70’s.

  23. SkeletalRemains

    It has almost the same exact melody from ‘Live and Let Die’ from Aerosmith. If you hum the melody and sing the Aerosmith lyrics, it’s practically identical… I think that song played a part in it.

  24. Am I the only one who thinks the new music is creepy?
    Gregorian monks chanting about the oncoming economic apocalypse is a little too self-serious for a morning radio show.
    The lyrics also show signs that Beck 9-12 success has gone to his head – “Remember who we are”; “We Shall be the Key”…

    Gleen used to make me laugh. Moron trivia, in particular, was funny as hell. Now he seems to think he is a messiah leading his audience out of the wilderness. I got news for him – most of us are already well read on Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt and don’t need his patronizing brand of teachinng high school social studies.

  25. I am excited that there are a few others (even if only a few) that noticed the Joy Division tracks used in some of Becks bumpers. I couldn’t believe how frequently they were being used and, additionally, was rather surprised by some of the selections. I love Killing Joke but cannot recall hearing them on the show. Of course, being a stay at home dad, I am often distracted from listening. Anyways, I immediately started searching the web for anyone else who noticed and didn’t come across anything until finding this thread.

    Within our social networks my wife and I are a minority. So, when I imagine a person who would listen to Joy Division etc. I immediately think of the people I know into that type music; my age, artists and/or musicians and ULTRA liberal … Basically, I was stoked to hear JD on Glenn Beck.

  26. I have a suggestion for an alternate chorus to really put this into the apocalypse:

    “We’ll remember who we were, we were we were free…”

    That’s what I’ve thought the words were at first.

  27. Here’s the soundbyte:
    Video no longer available…

  28. Thanks for solving this for all of us.

  29. If you have ever seen the musical “The Rock and The Rabbi”- sounds just like music from this!!!!

  30. Glenn Beck Fan

    Here’s the answer: link removed because it no longer exist.
    No more doubt about it.

  31. It isn’t Muse. The artist that sings the new Glenn Beck theme song “We Will Be The Key” is Stephen Lyons. Glenn Beck wrote the lyrics and Anthony Newett wrote and produced the song. You can view the announcement and other music by Stephen Lyons Here: link removed because it no longer exist.

  32. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one obsessed with this. Thought Queen too, but knew that couldn’t be right. I appreciate the information on Stephen Lyons and Anthony Newett. Way to go to the source.

  33. I need to hope on this train, I have been searching like all of you. It like muse and queen combined from a another universe lol

    Please find and tell me.

  34. Sorry. I have installed intense debate so some of the links are not clickable. Copy and paste the links that the commenters have graciously provided. Thank you for your understanding.

  35. I think it sounds like System of a Down

  36. I’m not sure what the “Official Show” bumper is, but if you’re talking about the dark, CRAPPY, Queen-sounding diddy…it sucks enormous ass and is way too dark and brooding for being a Beck bumper….and it’s like somebody turned it from a 45 to a 33. It sounds unintentionally distorted, speed-wise.

    If you dweebs REALLY want to know what that song was, just google the lyrics…any snippet of lyrics will do ;P

    There is other music on there that is MUCH better. Killing Joke and Joy Division are just a couple.

  37. Like the blog, I was wondering too, so I emailed Anthony Newett and I got this reply, which should now be a definitive answer:

    I wrote, produced and performed the music. The lyrics were written by Stu and Glenn. The vocals were performed by Stephen Lyons.

    You will find Stephen among my artist page: http://goo.gl/hqoL

    Thanks for your inquiry.

  38. This was driving me crazy, too. I guess I’ll just have to listen to Glenn’s intro in the morning since I can’t download it. Bummer.

  39. Thanks, Dave, I followed the link and gave a listen to the Stephen Lyons sample…makes a lot of sense, actually, for Glenn to do it that way…also listened to some of the other samples, not bad stuff. Anyway, your answer is the one I’m going with, thanks for sharing.

  40. I just heard the true answer on “The Glenn Beck Show” this morning (1/28/10). He mentioned that his own sister inquired about the haunting song with the chorus lyrics, “just remember who we are, we shall be the key.” The lyrics were partly written by Glenn Beck himself and the music is played by musicians somehow associated with him or his production company.

    And although Glenn Beck is a huge fan of the band Muse and has featured their post-apocalyptic songs on occasion, there may have been a falling-out with them due to the band’s recent resistance to having him promote their music on his show. The opening theme music is curiously identical to the style of Muse, but it is definitely not them.

    So now we play the waiting game to see if Beck’s production company or the [unnamed] band itself will release the song.

    There it is.

  41. It was written by Beck’s crew, and performed by people in his company… He just announced this

  42. I believe I have the answer to the performer – link removed because it no longer exist..

    He has not mentioned it on his website, but he has listed it on his LinkedIn page, and his vocal qualities have often been compared to Freddie Mercury and Chris Cornell. Listen to some of his own songs and compare. (I don’t know if he wrote the song though)

  43. Dave Bracamonte

    All of Glenn’s music is custom composed and performed by his staff composer, Anthony Newett. Anthony composes and performs all of the radio-show political parodies and spoofs. Their sound design (sound FX, etc.) is done by Nick Daley. Anthony Newett composed all of the music for Glenn’s love shows, such as “The Christas Sweater”, etc. He hires various vocalists, depending on the style they are going for. As it turns out, Glenn wanted a Muse-like sound for this one, so Anthony used a great Philadelphia based singer named Stephen Lyons.

    If you go to http://goo.gl/hqoL, you will see Anthony’s work with Glenn.

  44. Lee V Mealohn

    My guess (a total speculation) is that he either made the lyrics up himself or did so the band that played the tune, just in the two phrases we hear at the start of each hour, just for the show. I can’t find them anywhere.

  45. Lee V Mealohn

    I thought I heard him say something about “Five for Fighting” a few weeks ago (interviewed the band) – can’t find it there either. It’s driving me NUTS!!!

  46. Some Twisted Freak, and I mean that in a very Beckian way, sent me this link to a Beck Theme Song: http://goo.gl/jMSv
    I explained to them them that that was very nice but tres passé – “This here is 2010 doncha know?”

    • !!!! MAC !!!!
      Thank you!

      The lyrics for Muse doing “Uprising” are here: http://goo.gl/ce6j

      So, as some folks have opined in this blog, there have been some alterations to the original text in order to highlight Glenn’s plans for the coming year.

      Search for answers everywhere.
      We will be the key

      We must remember who we are.
      We will be the key.

  47. My first thought was Adam Lambert. I played it for my wife,without telling her my guess. Her first thought? Adam Lambert. Although I couldn’t imagine Glenn asking him to do a song for him.

  48. Eric Newquist

    I was wondering what the new bumper music was today, that is how I stumbled onto this blog. The music does sound like Muse, Radiohead and Chris Cornell. I have been looking all day now. Since I really like Muse, and have never heard that song before i will settle for Rolyo! Rolyo has been featured on the Glenn Beck show. I have never heard of him before. his music is right leaning. I am almost positive that it is Rolyo (sounds like the music). I just cant find that exact song. What say all of you?

    • Do you happen to have a link to where we can hear Roylo?

      • And is there any chance that someone has an audio link to the Beck theme song. I looked around at the Glenn Beck site but didn’t find a hint.

        (This search is like a loose tooth, isn’t it)

  49. I listened to the first few seconds of “Uprising,” and it sounds more like the Doctor Who theme song than the Glenn beck theme song. Any one found out who it is yet?

    • It looks like the comments are split down the middle. It is either Muse or it is not Muse. 😉

      I think Glenn isn’t saying who it is because he wants his listeners to concentrate on the words but it would still be nice to know who sings the song.
      .-= Mel Ancholy´s last blog ..Who Is King Of Night Time TV? =-.

    • Andrew, try listening at about 2:15 of the “Uprising.” There are a few bars there that might be a fit.

  50. Joshua Elliott

    I KNOW Muse, and that IS Muse.

    • TheNoodleFish

      Sorry but I know muse as well and it’s definitely not Muse. For one, the singer’s voice is an octave deeper, (I exaggerate, yes,) and another I have heard and love every single Muse song. If you feel the need to give an answer then say you don’t know instead of making up an answer you know isn’t true.

      • Sorry Noodle-brain, it is Muse. “United States of Eurasia (+collateral damage)” is the exact name of the song found on the “Uprising” album. Song #4. Although you do sound like a convincing liberal!

      • OK… sorry noodle-brain. That (song stated above) isn’t the theme song but that is a song he has dissected on his show. I would bet the house though that it is Muse. Special request for Mr. Beck.

    • It MAY be Muse. People don’t really understand that Muse is not as left-wing liberal as the rest of their peers. I don’t think that they could stand to consider the possibility, really – just the way they were so fast to believe Glenn’s joke about how they called and asked him to stop talking about them – when it didn’t even happen. Glenn hasn’t divulged anything about the song. Neither has Muse. They’ve always tried to keep their political opinions to themselves. It’s NOT anything that I own on any of their albums, but I’m saying, it sounds like JUST like them. It’s entirely possible that they did it for him. What a wakeup call for people who thought that everyone *must* believe the way they do. It’s a possibility.

      • Actually, Wikipedia (and you know they are dependable) http://goo.gl/lVai states that Matthew Bellamy has the political views of Georgian. Georgian views are very similar to USA Libertarian views. I would not be surprise if Glenn did not hire them to do a spot for him. I too sent him a tweet asking Glenn but I am sure he is too busy to answer it. I will follow up with @GB_Joe and see if I get a response.

  51. Hey, it’s all rock and roll to me and I’m about 75% tone-deaf so—

    Maybe it’s from this Blind Guardians piece named Sacred: http://goo.gl/t54r

    About 1:58 into it.

    • TheNoodleFish

      That was a very good guess and I ALMOST though you were right, but unfortunately no luck.. :( I will not rest until I find that song though!

    • Lee V Mealohn


  52. United States of Eurasia by Muse

  53. Is this it?

    It is the theme song for the PC game, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel: http://goo.gl/A2lW , recorded by the Blind Guardians.

  54. So glad to have found your blog about his new bumper theme song. I have been searching for days for that song. I will keep searching and report back here if anything comes up.

  55. Joshua Elliott

    It is Muse, although I’m not sure the song. This morning he also used a Joy Division song as bumper music.

  56. I totally agree, I thought it was some long lost never released Queen song…I think it’s awesome. I laughed at Quran- I ran into the spyware junk in my search, too…Anyway, if that’s what muse sounds like, I’ll have to give a listen.

    • I’m not the only one who thought it sounded like Queen. :)

      I listened to Muse through the link I provided and I thought they were pretty good. (In my part of the country “pretty good” mean excellent.)

  57. SmellTheRott

    As Glenn’s sound guy is Muse’s sound I dont think its that hard to fathom that he would be able to get them to do a 30 secound sound byte for him. Glenn loves muse because they sing about whats going on in britain which is about 6 months ahead of us on the financial collapse side.

  58. Sounds like a Russian funeral dirge to me, but then I'm an old fart . . . .

    • Were there any bad Russian dudes in James Bond? This would explain absolutely nothing. :)

      • I was looking again today. The yahoo question that was posted:
        provides an interesting link in the first possible answer (not yet answered when this was written):
        Here: http://goo.gl/5sBo

        I only watched it once, but Beck is definitely speaking the lyrics as though they were a quote.
        I am now led to believe the song is an original production for the bumper music.
        It is likely stylized after Muse, but I would like to point out something very interesting about the vocalist.
        He sounds JUST LIKE Chris Cornell (who did the Casino Royale theme if I am not mistaken).

      • I wasn't sure who the singer for Casino Royale was but when I heard the new theme song I thought James Bond was hosting Glenn's show for the day. I think it will grow on us eventually. He usually has more hip music but he has changed a lot in the last few years.

      • Quran, both of your links are broken. Can you find them again please?

      • And I forgot to add to my last post. I am glad I was looking for this song, because it led me to your blog. I have, very much so, enjoyed what I have read. Keep up the great work.

      • Thanks for the complement! :-)

    • I think it sounds like a “fusion” of Muse, Chris Cornell and Enigma. Muse sounds very much like Queen so that’s got to be who that is but then mix in Chris Cornell and Enigma…. I’ve been trying to find it too so if anyone finds it, please post it here! Has anyone asked Glenn? Maybe he’d tweet us or post it on facebook?

      • I actually tweeted him about it but that guy is so stinking busy I am sure he doesn’t have time to check all of his tweets.

        Thanks for comment and if you do find out post here and I will update the post. Thanks :)

    • LOL It does sound like a Russian song, reminds me of "Meadowlands" which I think has the tune of a Russian anthemn. In any event, it sounds like the kind of teen boy metal thing that matches Beck's mental age. I can just imagine him in his bedroom pretending he has a mike and pointing out while he mouths "JUST REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. . . "

  59. I would guess it was from Muse, one of Glenn's favorite bands.

    • Thanks. I have never heard of Muse. I'll have to look into them.

      • I do not think it is muse. I looked and looked and looked. Your blog or whatever this is (no offense) is the only thing that even references the new theme it seems besides the spyware/torrents.

      • Holy cow, I am the only one. No wonder I couldn't find anything on it.

        Um, this is a blog and I am trying to make it a group blog. No offense taken.

      • arch stanton

        All good guesses regarding the Glen Beck theme song, but all wrong! I wrote the song. I did it as a favor for a man who is trying to save America. I wrote it in F# major (the lyrics in English–ha!) It is set in 4/4 time and done with Korg synthesiser model number KG 406; pushed through a TASCAM digital recorder.

        My name is Arch Stanton. I have often been told my singing voice is much like the lead singer from Queen. But I am not him…In fact, I am absolutely NOT a queen, but I digress.

        Wait till you hear my new song! Will be released in time for the fall elections.

      • Ya it’s definately the lead singer from muse doing the vocals.
        I have even tried contacting Glenns studios to get the recording sent to me but to no avail. I really want that song.

    • It is Muse. [United States of Eurasia (+collateral damage)]. The only song you can’t add to your facebook. I love Muse. I have been a fan for a while.

      • Nevermind. I went back and listened to all the songs and its not on the Uprising album. I still think it’s Muse.

    • I just heard the true answer on “The Glenn Beck Show” this morning (1/28/10). He mentioned that his own sister inquired about the haunting song with the chorus lyrics, “just remember who we are, we shall be the key.” The lyrics were partly written by Glenn Beck himself and the music is played by musicians somehow associated with him or his production company.

      And although Glenn Beck is a huge fan of the band Muse and has featured their post-apocalyptic songs on occasion, there may have been a falling-out with them due to the band’s recent resistance to having him promote their music on his show. The opening theme music is curiously identical to the style of Muse, but it is definitely not them.

      So now we play the waiting game to see if Beck’s production company or the [unnamed] band itself will release the song.

      There it is.

      • Thank you so much for that!! I’ve been wondering for so long who sings that song, and now I know Beck actually wrote it I am even more crazy about him!!

      • Just a quick correction: It is rumored that Muse emailed the program and asked Beck to quit promoting their songs during a commercial break after Beck had been playing one of their songs. This is categorically false. Beck made an obvious joke about it, which set blogs on fire with misinformation. He actually announced a few days later that he was of course joking and that it was not true.

      • I know one thing, I would buy it for sure. He always has awesome music, but this one here really grabs me.

        I encourage you (Glenn Beck) get these songs into production now. You can use the money to help save the country, and then "We will be the key". :o)))))

      • Your comment is much appreciated Leslie. :-)

    • This website provides a little more info about the song:

    • ENJOY!!! I LOVe this song as well. So powerful.

    • theme song leonard cohen’s “Democracy”

    • Go to Glenn Beck’s Common Sense to win a free copy!! Contest starts March 3, 2010 and ends March 11, 2010.


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