Are you ready for some life hacks that will definitely make your life even more convenient than what you thought it was? If so, then the following may just help you do just that.

Number 1. Chill Wine using Frozen Grapes

If you like your wine to be chilled but do not want to lose its flavor, then stick frozen grapes in the glass rather than ice cubes.

Number 2. Wine Ice Cubes

Cooking with some wine? 

Make it simpler by putting some into ice cube tray, freeze it and defrost when you have to make one.

Number 3. Pen Spring Protection

Adding pen spring around the cords would keep ends from fraying. The same concept can be used for laptop and smartphone cords.

Number 4. Post-It Note on Keyboard

Are there grime, dirt, bits of food or whatnot in your keyboard, get rid of them by running post-it note’s sticky part on it.