So what actually triggered the global appreciation to memes? Well according to Telegraph, the human attention span is averaging at 12 seconds before. However these days, this figure has dropped to only 8 seconds.

Very Time Consuming

People are now less likely to watch movies, read articles or read newspaper columns with regards to media consumption.

Doing the said activities only to grasp political stances or any kind of information will definitely be interrupted by several sessions in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

As a matter of fact, even watching a short video clip or reading a paragraph needs a large portion of time for average millennial. On the other hand, scrolling through social media feeds only needs mere seconds to check on a post.

Memes are Straightforward

Memes are there to meet the fast-pace desire as well as efficient media consumption that people have today. Few words that are scattered an interesting photo does a lot. Also, memes don’t need a big screen or headphones to get its idea.