The word “meme” was initially used by a biologist named Richard Dawkins. He strongly believed that the cultural ideas are similar to genes. 

He thought that the society’s concepts spread from brain to brain and growing and evolving as it goes. The end results of this trend were his primary definition of “memes”.

Memes, Then and Now

Majority of the memes these days are basically cultural inside jokes. They are used as a way to connect people across the world who are connected to the internet. Memes primary medium are photos that can be recognized almost instantly.

The thing about memes is that, they are collecting ideas, actions and emotions that can be easily translated into something.

How Advantageous Memes are for Businesses and Brands?

Memes are extremely popular in consumer world and they are powerful marketing tool among companies. These businesses are using memes for various purposes like sharing information, humanizing their brand, showcasing complex concepts and so forth.