Buying a remote shutter release is one of the best camera accessories that you can get. This is very useful whether you are taking photos as a hobby or doing it as a career.

Just think of it, how could you include yourself in the group photo without having to use the built-in timer of your camera? Is it possible to take some long exposure shots minus the camera shake you typically make? These are only few of the situations wherein a remote shutter release can be extremely helpful.

Third-Party Integration

There are some cameras that enable third-party or official remote buttons in triggering the shutter button using either Bluetooth or Infrared. 

Then again, some needs physical cable-release mechanism that is connected either to the flash hot-shoe or to the dedicated socket on the camera.

Available in All Types

There are many different kinds of remote shutter releases in the market from the most basic that just allows you to take photos by pressing the button to complex ones which features advanced timing to delay shutter release. It all lies in your personal preferences.