Shoulder, wrist or neck strap for your camera may not be the most exciting thing you can ever get for it. But never underestimate its purpose; without a strap, you’ll almost instantly drop your gear. For any photographer, it is something that is not worth of the risk.

You need it more than You Think

Majority of the new cameras normally come with basic neck strap; typically branded with the logo and name of the manufacturer. In most cases though, the straps are narrow and thin and is not comfortable when being carried for extended period of time. 

Furthermore, it is drawing people’s attention that you are carrying an expensive camera, which is not entirely smart.

Options for Everyone

Camera neck straps are available in wide varieties of colors, designs and sizes. So regardless of what your specific preferences are, rest assure to find one you like. And if you always bring your camera with you and for long period of time, see to it that you buy one that deliver large contact over your shoulder with some paddings.