Before jumping to a decision of owning a pet, it is imperative that you do your research. In addition to the fact that this will be a long-term commitment you ought to make, it is best to consider to adopt them than buying one.

With regards to keeping your pets ethically, it’s as important to take into mind where you’ll be getting your pet, whether they’re getting proper care and husbandry standards. Most of the common species of pets whether exotic or domesticated are overbred due to the demand brought by impulse buyers. 

If you are wondering what pet to adopt, parrots and rabbits may just be a start.


Adopting parrots is mostly reserved for the experienced pet owners only. This is because parrots tend to be high-maintenance compared to domesticated animals.


Rabbits reproduce faster than you thought. They are usually bought for kids as small pets. But they are the perfect pet if you want something that doesn’t need much care and is low maintenance.