You can find cats in almost every corner of the city. Truth is, millions of cats and kittens have overwhelmed several animal shelters per year. This is the same reason as well why you would see some of these animals roaming around streets. Since they’re so common, some let their unaltered cats to reproduce and raise the kittens before they dump it on random places.

Do You like Cats?

You may be thinking of buying a cat. But it is actually preferable to adopt one. 

After all, numerous animal shelters have plenty of options readily available and can give you options based on your preferences like:

  • Breeds
  • Coloration
  • Age and;
  • Temperament

Go Adopt!

Compared to dogs, cats are almost the same with each other unless you’re looking for canine-like hybrid such as Savannah cat. Supporting and rewarding animal shelters that take care of these animals not only helps you to save money in getting a new cat but also, you’ve contributed to lessen the overpopulation of cats in these shelters.