In the US, green iguanas actually in a crisis state as pets. They are being sold as cute, small and innocuous juveniles. What’s more surprising, they are relatively cheap at $15 only. Even so, they have low maintenance that they can survive in inexpensive setups.

Can You Take Care of Them?

If they survive though, they can actually grow to up to 6ft in length. By such time, they need a bigger cage setup. 

This is the part where you need to consult professionals on how to properly care for your pet.

Reason for Adopting an Iguana

Say for example that you have the means to properly take care of one, then adopt an iguana. Believe it or not, reptile rescuers are being overwhelmed with surrendered reptiles and most of them are forced to turn them away.

Probably, there are more iguanas that you can find than suitable homes and majority of the households do not have sufficient space for more than one iguana. Having said that, it is not a smart move to buy one as you only contribute to the situation.