Complete List Of Rocky Movies with Trailers

Sylvester Stallone is truly the Italian Stallion.  Especially since Sylvester is on steroids (or is he?)

Rocky – 1976

The one that started it all!  This is an inspirational tale of one man’s journey from rags to rags.  SPOILER ALERT: He doesn’t win folks.  But he does go 15 rounds with Apollo Creed

Rocky II – 1979

Apollo should have left Rocky alone.  This is basically Rocky 1 part 2, which is probably why they decided to title it Rocky 2.  This time Rocky beats Apollo.  Woops! I forgot to mention the spoiler alert.

Rocky III – 1982

I pity the fool who steps in the ring with me!  Mr. T plays Clubber Lang and who could have played the part better, right?  Clubber is always in a bad mood.  Rocky isn’t able to beat Clubber… just kidding!  Oh, and Apollo and Rocky become friends.  Oh, and Mick dies.  That was another spoiler.

Rocky IV – 1985

The very best of all the Rocky movies!  It is the battle of the Cold War as Rocky battles the Russian Captain Ivan Drago.  Ivan is played by Dolph Lundgren (the dudes Swedish by the way and not Russian).

A famous quote from Dolph is “I must break you.”  By the end of the movie Rocky has won the match and the hearts of the Russians.  That folks, was another spoiler.

Rocky V – 1990

Why?  Or more specifically, why was this movie made?  The movie sucks in a ton of ways but I want to point out one in particular.  When Rocky leaves for Russia his son is 8 years old.  When he comes back from Russia, his son is about 14.

What!?  I guess Russia loved Rocky so much that they sent him to a Siberian prison camp for 6 years.  Rocky trains Tommy Gunn who is played by Tommy Morrison.  Gunn turns on Rocky and in the end Rocky beats Gunn to a pulp in a street fight.  Yuck!

Rocky Balboa – 2006

It took 16 years before this Rocky was made.  Talia Shire who plays Adrian didn’t want to be in this film, so they killed her off.  Rocky does an exhibition match out in Vegas.  He goes all ten rounds with whoever it was.  Happy ending to a great series.

Creed – 2015

Creed II – 2018

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