Oversized sweaters are the best way to combine the two pillars of winter fashion—comfort and style. These knits are stylish and functional and keep you toasty all winter long.

Tips on How to Make an Oversized Sweater Look Stylish This Winter

The Original Leggings Set

Wearing leggings with your oversized sweater is a classic, easy way to look put together. Choose black or another dark color for the leggings to contrast with the bulkiness of the shirt. Dress it up with knee-high boots and a belt that makes a statement.


To combat the cold, layering is essential. Add an oversized sweater over a button-down shirt and expose the collar and cuffs.

Belted Grace

Adding a belt to your large sweater will turn it into a stylish winter outfit. If you want to define your curves, wear a wide belt. Tights and ankle boots make for a chic and feminine ensemble.

The Denim Twosome

When worn with skinny jeans, an oversized sweater creates a casually chic style. Make yourself more figure-flattering by tucking the front of your sweater inside your jeans. Add a big scarf and ankle boots for a warm and stylish look.

Wrapping Up

Sweaters that are too big for you are not only a necessary part of any winter outfit, but also a stylish addition. These warm knits may be worn with a variety of winter outfits, from the classic leggings and top combination to layered looks, belted elegance, and the denim duo.