Your in-laws can love and support you, and sometimes they might even bring you a dish. Their actions are usually meant to be helpful, but sometimes they become unwanted interruptions. How can you set good limits without starting a fight in the family?

Ways to Have a Good Relationship with Your In-Laws

Here are some helpful tips to establish a good rapport with your in-laws.

1-Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk

Talking to your partner about how you feel is the first step. Talk about specific times when rules were broken, and come up with answers as a group. Remember that a united front is very important!

2-Getting along with Others

Next, be kind to your in-laws when you talk to them. Tell them how their acts make you feel, and try to see things from their point of view. They might be used to a different way of living with their family.

3-Putting Together the Rules

Now comes the setting of limits. Be polite, clear, and to the point. A good place to start is with “Thank you for your help, but we’d like to handle X ourselves.”

4-Making Things Different

Everyone might need some time to get used to it. Keep going, be patient, and enjoy the little wins. Remember that you can have a good relationship with your in-laws even if you set limits.


By using these suggestions, you can make your family life better. You can turn your relationship with your in-laws from a tug-of-war to a dance with them if you talk to them, show understanding, and set clear limits.