Fashion with Eyelash Extensions

Every woman has the dream of long, thick, dark and long eyelashes as possible. This gives the eyes a much more beautiful expression.  For many women, beautiful eyelashes are simply the epitome of beauty and femininity.

This is one of the reasons why many women are willing to do a lot for it, starting with eyelash extensions, via eyelash lifting and continuing to eyelash serums. They continue to look for the best russian volume lash extensions.

Fashion: Lengthen eyelashes with eyelash extensions and fake lashes

The lash extensions trick long, thick eyelashes into women. This professional eyelash extension works in such a way that artificial hairs are glued to the own eyelashes, thereby visually enlarging the eye.

Here it is important not to overdo it because the look with the eyelash extensions should look natural. In the beginning, you should not use more than 50 individual eyelashes. You can then shorten the excess hairs afterwards.

It is best to tape the lower lash line with a pad so that only the upper lashes are caught. The advantages of eyelash extensions are that the user saves the mascara.

The eye looks alert and pretty. The disadvantage of extensions on the lash line is that it is a relatively expensive method.

The eyelash extensions with fake lashes conjure up a beautiful look with long eyelashes for the user every day. Of course, you should also make sure that it looks natural and not overdoing it.

Fashion: Lengthen eyelashes with eyelash lifting and eyelash colouring

eyelash extensions

With eyelash lifting, the so-called lash lifting, every woman gets the maximum out of her naturally existing eyelashes. The eyelashes are lifted, fixed and coloured. With eyelashes, it can add beauty to a woman’s fashion.

This is how you get long, voluminous eyelashes. The best thing is that the eyelashes also have a dramatic curl. The beautician first strokes the eyelashes upwards and fixes them. The hair structure is opened with sulfur oxide and then closed again.

Then the eyelashes are coloured. The advantage is that this application lasts up to six weeks. The eyelashes fall out quite normally during the growth cycle so you can do without the eyelash curler in the future. Another advantage is that you no longer have to be careful with your eyelashes, for example with eyelash extensions.